Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1o; Something of possible importance. (And something that isn't.)

Okay, big news out of the way: a store chain called Maurices (that I adore; it inspired my initial interest in clothes) has teamed up with Lifetime (yes, the television channel) and is having a special kind of model search. They want girls of all body types and want to get their hometown in on the whole thing by awarding the town $7,500 for a 'makeover' of their own. The models selected in the end will model their looks for this years fall and holiday campaigns, as well as for spring 2012. (And a few other things, too.) Applications are being accepted until tomorrow. (More technical info here.)

So, this morning I...sent in my application, which involved two 200+ word blurbs about 1. why I want to become a Maurices model and 2. what I like about my place of residence and how I like to give back, and a YouTube video (no, I'm not linking to it; and no, you won't find it on my channel), among other little things.

Voting will take place April 10 - 24th for the top fifty contestants, who will be announced on April 28th. After that, Maurices selects twenty of them, flies them out for a casting call, and the final twelve will be announced on May 9th.

Oh man, do I want to be one of the twelve winners so badly! I love this store chain so much, both for the style and quality of clothes, and the customer service. The whole experience would be really amazing.

And speaking of Maurices, I couldn't help it: I had to buy these wedges.

Mainly because these were originally $39.00, and were on sale for $19.50, and I also had an online coupon and ended up saving seven bucks off shipping, so the whole thing was $21.55. That's cheaper than the black boots I wear all the time. My sneakers I wear otherwise were $19.99, I think? I mean, I haven't been able to find decent wedges for that much without shipping. I just really had to pounce while they were still around, especially since I've been aching for a pair for months now. Here's hoping they fit when they arrive!

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