Monday, March 28, 2011

o8; These are a few of my favourite things.

I really love sandstone. I mean, really love it, both orange and blue versions of it. If I could, I'd just cover myself in it all the time on sunny days so I could walk outside and look like a burnt-orange discotheque lurker or a dark galaxy on legs, just constantly glimmering all day. I was so thrilled to discover that my sandstone bracelet is still in my possession. I have a sandstone ring I used to wear with it, but I've lost a good fifteen pounds since buying it (at sixteen), and I guess some of that weight came out of my hands, because it's too big. I also had a blue sandstone necklace, but it's in Arizona with most of my things. Not sure if I'll be getting that back.

And with that latter thought I had yesterday, I went onto Etsy to see if there was anything interesting involving sandstone jewelery. To my surprise, I found some really great pieces. I have my eye on a certain ring that I may go for this week or next week. (All depends on what this week's check looks like.)


Price: $0.20 - pleasurearts

Price: $5.00 - rodgeranddelilaplace

Price: $18.00 (free shipping in the US) - MandyMadeIt

Price: $20.00 - LoveMyLuxe


Price: $11.00 (free shipping in the US) - SundustStudio

Price: $14.95 - xpressionsbysw


Price: $30.00 - ecesema
I am so floored by this ring. If I had the money, I'd buy it so fast, the seller wouldn't know what hit them. It looks like a cluster of stars smushed into one gorgeous piece of stone. I may even save up for this thing. I just can't get over how beautiful it is.

Price: $10.00 - PaupersBounty
This is the ring I want to get this week or next. The listing says 'one available' but when I messaged the shop owner, she said that she had multiple, so she'll relist this item whenever it's bought. Another great thing about this listing: you can order any size between sizes 5 and 10. I have super thin fingers, and a size six is too big for me, so this is a great perk.

Price: $13.00 (free shipping in N. America) - alienlabel

Price: $35.00 - emking
Isn't this amazing? The shop owner makes these same pendants with other stones, as well. I adore this one specifically because it looks like a tree in autumn, and the sandstone and copper tones go so well together.

Price: $12.00 ($1 shipping in the US) - TwistedandStitched

Price: £12.00 (GBP; approx. $19.69) - clairemumford

Price: $25.00 - gottaspoilemgems

Price: $9.48 - 1AStones

(Dammit, I forgot an image to add when I uploaded all of these pictures, and Blogger won't let me add it after uploading a ton, so you get a link instead: Clearance Polished Brown Natural Sandstone Bead Necklace; $8.45 - emelgoza123)

Can you see why I love this stone so much? ♥

EDIT: I'm so thrilled, the dress I bought from Disarming Darling arrived today. How did she manage that? She shipped it on Friday, I think, and we're on opposite edges of the whole country!

Unfortunately, I think I measured incorrectly, because I thought I'd be just tall enough for the dress, but it drags significantly. No problem though, I'll just hem the bottom. (And now I know how long a 52" dress really is, for future reference!) I may need to hem up the straps as well, as my bra pokes out of the 'armholes', but again, no big issue. Otherwise it's absolutely amazing. My arrowhead ear cuff arrived as well (no shocker, and it was shipped from CT) and I definitely plan to wear them together. I'm considering wearing it to work today, actually, but I'm not sure yet. I'm just concerned about losing it.

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  1. It's probably a good thing my fingers are too small for regular sized rings and that I have no money because I would buy that one from ecesema so fast.