Sunday, March 27, 2011

o7; On the step outside you stand, with your flowers in your hand, my apple scruffs.

Jacket: Maurices | Denim shirt: thrifted | White netted sweater: thrifted | Red tank: thrifted | Jeans: Paris Blues | Boots: Etsy | Belt: Delia's | Jewelery: various (boutiques, vintage, my mother, Lucky Brand; engagement ring from Kay's)
[On Lookbook]

This is the most extensive shoot I've done to date. I think it's because I had enough practice on Friday, as it was just as windy and just as cold as it was today. (Wind chill made the temp feel ten degrees colder than it really was. Very invigorating.) I'm both happy with how this came out, and a bit uncomfortable. Some of the looks on my faces are really weird, but I liked the poses. (I also stepped out of my comfort zone in that last picture to feature my face, as I never normally show my teeth. I have an overbite and crowding on the top, but I've grown to hate how wrinkly my chin looks when I keep my mouth shut in pictures, so I thought 'oh forget it, so I'm tired of being so paranoid about them.' However I think I look a little Asian in that shot. And way younger than twenty, but that's okay.)

I also took Madeline's advice to do a 'raccoon' effect with eyeshadow. Unfortunately, you can only see the orange underneath my eyes, really. I still love how it turns out, and I wear it often these days.

I really missed these woods. I think I'm going to make an effort to walk out there at least a couple of times a week, because I'm not in the same shape that I was last summer, and I miss feeling (and looking) as good as I did back then. I'll at least be doing most of my looks out there from now on, if I can help it.

Maybe I'll run into a raccoon again, or something. ♥