Sunday, March 20, 2011

o1; To the night, will you follow me?

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I had been planning on last Friday since the Wednesday of the week previous. I'd gone out to the woods and decided to take some photos for Lookbook, and came out with this result, which I was fairly proud of, and during my little adventure I realised I really missed going out there. It had been an impossible feat once Christmas arrived, since that was the day it started snowing that winter, and it only got worse from there. I lucked out on my visit the day I went; a lot of the snow had half-melted and deflated -- nevermind that it was still up to a foot and a half deep in some parts. I was impressed that the trail around the lake was snow-free.

When I got home, I decided that I wanted to return there to take more looks, since it's so open and the lighting is great, plus it's also pretty quiet and private, which makes me feel a lot less awkward. Last Friday, the temperature was at a staggering sixty degrees. We haven't had weather like that since...October? It was the perfect day to go back and take some shots of an outfit I wore out one night early this month, when I'd forgotten my camera.

What happened this week, though? I fell ill -- stomach issues, due to my own stupidity, though I had no idea I would become sick -- on Wednesday morning and have been going through hell with it since this morning. To top it off, when I became sick, I was at work and left early. I then had to work Thursday, Friday, and yesterday while feeling so terrible. (I would have tried to get out of work, but to my horror, my supervisor pulled me aside and 'cautiously' suspected me of faking sick to try to get out of work. This is a whole other story all together, that I don't feel up to having to think about.)

Needless to say, my little revisit I had been hoping for never happened. Cherry on top of the cake.

There is a silver lining, fortunately: in the sixty-degree weather, 90% of the snow magically disappeared and I suspect the trek to the lake will be much easier to travel. ...Unless it's muddy from all the water leftover from the big melt. I guess I'll have to find out.

I'd been feeling gradually better, and may be mostly back to my usual self. I'm still going to avoid dairy though, as a precautionary thing, to make sure I'm still all right. My priority is making sure I'm healthy enough to work tomorrow and Wednesday. (As much as I want more hours/days to work, five free days in this week sound pretty awesome to me right now. Though if I'm called in short notice, to avoid seeing a small paycheck next week, I may cave.)

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