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o3; CatWorld Fashionshop

I wonder if I was Asian in my last lifetime? I just seriously can't manage to explain why I'm so enamoured with Asian fashion. I can't. (To be honest, every time I look up my favourite clothing line from that region, I wish that I were Asian, because goddamn I wish I were so cute!)

This year I discovered CatWorld Fashionshop, via CutieCode's a pretty nice website. Based in Canada, they manage a wearhouse in China so that all of the items ordered are directly from the manufacterer, to avoid people buying knock-offs and fakes. (I had this happen to me once on ebay, unfortunately, but luckily what I ended up with suited me just fine so I didn't complain, especially not for the price.)

Their prices are fairly the same for a lot of things. 'Casual tops' run between $18.85-$25.85, jackets run about $27.85-$29.85, dresses go for $24.85-$35.85, tees are $17.85-$25.85... So nothing over $40.00, for sure. (Or, at least, I haven't seen anything for that much.) Accessories run for a lot less, too.

Oh, and shipping, for the most part, is free.

The only downsides to this site are the organising system (looking through 'cocktail dresses', I found shirts, and going through 'casual tops', they label tank tops as 'vests', and found some jackets in there, et cetera), and some other minor issues that I myself experienced. Once was never getting the tracking information emails after a while, and when contacting Customer Service about them, discovered my items hadn't been shipped at all -- however this was probably due to the fact that I ordered during the span of time where the Chinese New Year was coming up and everyone was on holiday, so my order was obviously backed up and no one had gotten to it. I suspect something like this wouldn't happen again, but I haven't ordered anything else since, so I can't speak of this... However, they did get my stuff shipped and the tracking numbers to me (which was another issue: the website included in the emails are broken, but going to the site itself and finding the English option solved that all together) and I was very happy.

The only other thing is that...I'm not entirely sure who runs Customer Service, but I really do wonder if English is their first language. I'd been emailing them back and forth a bit when my orders were in limbo, and when all was settled, I sent them an email thanking them, and they replied with my tracking numbers...when they had already sent them to me. (?) But that's hardly an issue, just...kind of odd.

Oh and another oddity: being Asian-based, you'll run a risk of running into screened tops with text that just...plain doesn't make sense. To put it bluntly: there be Engrish ahead.

But that's not the point. Point is, I love this site for it's price ranges and clothes.

Even more, I love CatWorld Fashionshop. This site offers a lot of Asian brands, but CatWorld, at the moment, is my favourite. They make tees, dress-casual tops, chiffon tops, pants, skirts, dresses... Some tops are two tops as an ensemble, and some tops are 'two in one' tops, thus cannot be separated. This bugged me, but for the look, I was able to accept it.

Despite the fact that basically everything is 'one size', they make quite a bit of stuff that's 'oversized', so that a lot of people with different body sizes can buy. This isn't just CatWorld, either. Despite the fact that I'm actually smaller than the models in the pictures, the two tops I bought fit me pretty loosely. (My first post here features one of the tops I bought, in fact!) I'd think a size up from me could at least wear the sweater tops. Measurements are included on all item pages.

Basically, I'm in love with this brand, and I'll just show you why. (This is all mostly fall/winter stuff for last year though.)

All photos are linkbacks:

Out of stock, but oh my god, I really want this romper when they come back!

I can see my finacee wearing this top, since she loves tigers... Not sure if she'd like it though. Hmm. She'd rock it so well, though.

I've been searching high and low for the shirt modeled with this sweater. I know it exists, I just can't find it. I need it in my life.

It kills me that this is sold out. I can't wait until it's back!

I'm seriously considering buying this sometime. Two tops for the price of one, and they could be worn separately with so many things.

All of CatWorld's stuff is here. is here.

I'll probably do a post about another brand there, I'Miusa, sometime soon.

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