Friday, March 25, 2011

o5; Ear cuffs, and the things that go in them.

Pictures didn't happen yesterday. I have the whole day free today and it's just me, so I'll probably hike out to the woods and do it myself. Going to wait until it's about 1pm before I do, as that'll be the warmest part of the day. (A whole 40 degrees! My god, I remember when I lived in Arizona and 40 degrees was the coldest part of the night. Ugh.)

Speaking of the southwest: I had done some heavy research into Native American-style ear cuffs yesterday. (My last post inspired me.) This morning I caved and bought this one, for five bucks. I'm also bidding on this gorgeous guy and I'm really hoping no one else will butt in, because I hate bid-wars, and I just really adore this. I don't have any of my Native American jewlery anymore, as I left all of it in Arizona in a storage unit that my mother's barely able to make payments on. Since she's living in California at the moment, she's not there to dig my things out for me. I'm hoping she'll get back to it soon; I had some amazing things in there. Hell, I'd even go myself and pick my things out, but being in Massachusetts makes that a little difficult.

Anyway! Searching for that specific of a jewelery piece on Ebay and Etsy only lasted so long, and I eventually started searching for any style that came up. Some of these ear cuffs are just really beautiful. I'm not sure what it is about ear cuffs that interest me. I usually prefer if they're chained to an earring, but some are made so beautifully that one can't help but admire. I found some great pieces on Ebay and Etsy that should definitely be shared.

Now that I have my morning Earl Grey all made up, lets get the show on the road:

On Ebay;

Current bid: $10.61 - eecoin
This is just perfect. It really is. However, it's a bid, and doesn't end for two days, so I'm skipping out. I'm already bidding on another cuff, anyway.

Buy it now: $36.95 (free shipping) - TarasTreasureHouse505
I'd buy this for myself, but I can't really justify spending that much, even if there's free shipping involved. Maybe if no one picks it up in a couple of weeks or something. Because damn, this is pretty.

Buy it now: $22.50 - Mr48Now
Again, I'd buy this too, but can't afford it. I'm so in love with this. Maybe I'll get it, or maybe someone else will find it a good, loving home. ♥

Buy it now: $9.00 (free shipping) - JujuBeadsJewelery
Something very simple and very affordable, and I imagine it would look very awesome in use, with its simplicity.

Buy it now: $14.95 - JMD.70

Buy it now: $14.87 - JMD.70

Buy it now: $9.99 - Aradani-com


Price: $18.00 - BethNOUVEAU

Price: $32.00 - Georgeaccessories

Price: $11.00 - Jynzsbox

Price: $22.00 - Ladydeluna
Isn't this gorgeous? I had no idea this was a type of turquoise, either.

Price: $18.00 - prettylittlepiecess

Price: $20.00 - suazospecialties

Price: $30.00 - RingRingRing
I adore just about everything in this person's Etsy shop. They have a nymph cuff that I have my eye on and really want to spring for in a week or two. ♥


  1. So beautiful, I'd take any one of them! I'm inspired.