Friday, March 25, 2011

o6; I can't get no satisfaction.

Today was a bit windier than I anticipated, making the 40 degree weather feel ten degrees colder. Thus my photos were rushed and at one point on my way to the spot where I wanted to take my pictures, I was met with a raccoon. At first it was surprising, but became terrifying when my mind raced with questions like, 'Am I in its territory? Did I wake it up? Does it have rabies? Is it walking exactly in my direction because it can smell the food in my bag?' And thus, I began a slow and cautious beeline off the trail, but the crunchy leaves I was stepping on got its attention, and it spotted me. We both stopped, stared, and simultaneously ran off in opposite directions.

When I came back to the trail, I could still hear it shuffing through the tall grass, but spotted it at about twenty feet from the trail as it was obviously trying to make its way around me to get to where it was going. I have been jumpy ever since.

So my pictures are half-assed, and I look pretty annoyed in the shots I kept. I'm just going to try again on Sunday. (The weather will be warmer and it's estimated to be sunny, which will help.)

Ah, well. The pants I chose to wear looked pretty silly on my anyway. (They didn't look so frumpy when I checked the full-length mirror. Maybe I'll just cut off the legs. That'll teach them to make me look fat when I'm not.)

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