Sunday, March 20, 2011

o2; I've Got My Mind Set On You

This is basically my relationship with clothes and accessories right now. Not only is my income a little weak, but I'm having to save up as much as I can for moving out next year, as well as college that I'll be paying for all on my own... Which really sucks when the best thing you can come up with to do online is look at anything involving fashion.

One of the many things on my mind is one of the most beautiful rings I've ever laid my eyes on:

This Lucky Brand Hotel Cali snake ring. I love this for so many reasons -- too many, probably. It's so very glam and boho, the colours are delicious, the design is so intriguing... And as far as I knew, this ring was adjustable as well. I want this for just as many reasons as well. It speaks of the West, where I hail from (even if I feel no real personal connections to any of the many places I lived, it still brings on a nostalgic feeling for me, despite my aversion to snakes when I lived on the other side of the country), it would look good with just about damned everything, and is even symbolic to me of Vishnu, whom I've come to regard very highly in my life lately.

However, this ring is nowhere to be found online. I spotted it on eBay some weeks ago and was bidding on it, but when the price reached $50, I had to step down. (I did instead buy this ring by Lucky, for a fraction of the price for the snake, so I'm pretty happy.)

There's an alternative version of this ring by Lucky, identical but silver and purple toned, but I'm not so into it. It looks bland and cold. This one is bright and warm. I used to hate gold tones, and I rather still do, but I've really fallen for brass tones and this ring just really rubs me the right way.

I'm also very in love with Lucky's "Ranch Inn" Silver-Tone Eagle Ring, and is available (ignoring its steep price), but is something between a size and a half to two sizes too big for my spider leg-y fingers. I'd buy the bangle instead, but I'd rather put that $78.00 toward the graphics tablet that I need far more.

But my main mission for spring at the moment is a new pair of shoes. I have nearly no shoes to speak of. I have a pair of clunky boyish sneakers that I wear to work and all that, a pair of suede boots that are for fall/winter, a pair of Beatle-esque pleather ankle boots, and some knee-high all black Converse that I recently rediscovered. Other than that, I have snow boots. --Oh, and some black canvas tennis shoes for summer.

Over the winter, I bought this dress from, that I'm itching to wear as soon as possible:

Pictured: not me

But guess what? I don't have a single pair of shoes that will go with it. I'm wondering if a cream/beige pair of shoes would be best as they would match the belt that came with it...but then I sort of hate the belt. (I'd wear it without, but the dress looks a bit silly without a belt around the waist. Either I can suck it up for now, or worry about buying a belt, and I'd rather not do the latter.) So I'm rather stumped about what shoes to couple this with.

If I had my way, I'd be able to wear it with these bad boys:

...But for $178.00, that'll never happen. (Besides that, they're mysteriously missing from the NastyGal website. I wonder if they're sold out? Hmm.)

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  1. I love that ring! Thanks for stopping by my blog -- you should definitely try the coloured raccoon-eye thing. I am absolutely in love with the end look, even though any men in your life will be completely perplexed by it.