Friday, March 16, 2012

79; CULT Classic

Top: c/o Crash & Burn Apparel • Skirt: THE CULTLABEL • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Stevie • Claw earrings: Little Sister Designs • Earcuff: eBay

First order of business: with all of the gifts that the cool cats over at Crash & Burn have been sending me, they've set up a gift for YOU guys as well: a discount code for purchases on their store!

Crash & Burn Apparel20% off discount code: ONTHEGANGES

It expires on April 15th, so you guys have thirty days to use it. That's what, two paycheck cycles, maybe? Go treat yourself to something over there. ♥ If you can't decide what to buy, here's some of my personal faves:


This shirt is another gift from C&B! I would have worn it as they intended it -- long and with the tie around my waist -- but I was NOT going to wear something so rad with just jeans, and I just wore my AA Disco Pants in a recent outfit, and the only other option was leather pants, and I hate feeling like I look like I'm copying Madeline. (I have some paranoia issues.)

So, it seemed natural to wear it with the skirt I bought from THE CULTLABEL, and since the focal point of this skirt is the tassels, it was too long to wear as-is, and looked best when tied. I thus looped the waist tie back around and tied it that way, cinching it tighter to my waist. Speaking of this skirt, I looove it. My only beef is that it rides up when I walk. (In one of the photos Kathryn took, the skirt is all ridden up in the center front; I don't even know how you can't see my goods, but it still looked funky.) Not sure how to fix that, but I'm sure it's just a bodycon thing, since my Florence Dress does the same thing sometimes. I don't care though, I effing love this skirt.

...Duuude, when was the last time we saw my bare legs? Tights don't count. (Drumroll) ...October! (Pre-Canon Rebel era, too.) I wasn't even platinum then! How insane is that? (And I had a thing about being a cyclops and never brushing my bangs out of my face; sorry guys.) And I still can't even wear shorts reliably at this time of the year; the past three days have been freaking cold again, gah.

Also, guess what? I finally have a launch date for SOULMATES: March 20th* -- which just so happens to be my blog's birthday! On the Ganges will be one year old. I know it's INCREDIBLY short notice, but I've been dragging my ass hardcore on finishing up my current product stock (six whole pieces, ugh) and figured it would be a decent way of saying thank you to everyone for following my blog, commenting, and sticking around with me on this site.

I know six pieces of jewelry isn't much, but those are only the currently finished pieces. Aside from making more necklaces, one of the six finished pieces is a pair of Naga earrings which I intend to make more to sell. This will probably be the one product that I can make near identical multiples of. Since I make crystal pendant necklaces, no two crystals will always be alike, or how I decorate them. The Naga earrings, however, will mostly be the same -- except that they will come in two variants: antique brass, and soon gunmetal! (And if I ever get creative and add more decorations, but that notion is just a glint in my mind's eye at the moment.)

My biggest wish is to be able to afford giving a piece of SOULMATES jewelry away, but I have no freaking clue how well this is going to work, selling handmade jewelry. If it turns out to be a success, and if I can stop being a lazy bum and make more jewelry (winter's harsh, yo) then I can definitely plan on a giveaway in the future. It's up to you kids, though!

*This is only if all goes well and the internet doesn't go out. I can't even begin to tell you how often that happens. Twice a week is GOOD for how often our internet just ups and dies on us. I'll have everything set up to launch, and if I'm missing and nowhere to be found, check my Twitter. I can still access that from my phone, and if the net's out, believe me, I'll be bitching up a storm about it there. ♥


  1. hey grrl, awesome look and i can't wait for your shop to launch... love me some handmade jewelry :) xo

  2. Oooh what a cool outfit.

    So excited for your shop!!

  3. I cannot WAIT for your shop to open! I am such a fan of handmade jewelry and your style, so there is no doubt in my mind that I will love what you make. Best wishes for a successful launch! And, I just have to say...that skirt is badass. No better way to say it. XX

    <3 Samantha

  4. love the skirt!!

  5. wow! Amazing look.
    your blog is great!

  6. U have a very unique style! luv it!

  7. Siick outfit and I wish you all the luck with your shop launch. I hope it's successful :)

  8. wow!! I love your style, your hair and your writings! you are going to be so big in fashion blogging! And good luck with your shop! Can't wait :D

  9. There are no words to describe the brilliance of this outfit! xxx