Monday, March 12, 2012

Platform sneakers DIY -- suggestions?

Hey readers, I need your help!

I've been awestruck by the MOONSPOON SALOON x BUFFALO platform sneakers I've been seeing online, and I knew I had to have a pair of shoes like them -- and I say 'like them' because I can't even really afford Jeffrey Campbell shoes, much less MOONSPOON SALOON.

With the aid of the wonderful Isabel Spectre, I scored these affordable white platform sneakers on eBay:


I know I want to do some DIY with them, mainly just changing the colour, but...I can decide on what I want to do! I really love the spray painted MSS shoes I've seen so far:

I just really don't know where to start. I don't have a lot of experience in spray painting, but I can definitely practice on cardboard what I want to do to my shoes... I'm mainly at a loss of what colours to pick. I know I want dual coloured shoes, probably involving black. (I keep flip-flopping on if I want a black base, or not. I can't decide on ANYTHING!)

Do you guys have any ideas? Any inspiring photos? Can you think of a cool colour combo? I want to be able to wear these shoes with a huge variety of outfits, so I'm almost leery of picking a crazy colour combination like turquoise and coral, or anything like that... But I also love the idea of mixing neon colours, and I feel like these shoes won't ever really "match" in the true sense of the word. I think I'm just really nervous since I have ONE pair of these shoes and ONE shot at this!

Give me ideas, please! ♥


  1. DUDE! i just spray painted some shoes and it was SO easy! And spray paint is WAY cheaper than I thought. I am glad you got a pair I sent you haha!!
    If you wanted to do black with another color I would say do the first color (let's say.. purple?) so spray the shoe fully in purple (you'll need to tape over parts you dont want sprayed and take off laces if you dont want them sprayed either) then after it is full in the purple, then you will take the black and you spray lightly, and farther away, practice on news paper or something before. it is easy to get though, like a nice finish/ topping off with black. it would be super easy, they will look SO awesome. omg. cant waaaaiiit to seeeee!! Personally I would go with crazy colors but I think anything will look good ^^

    1. I wasn't even done reading your comment before I started thinking, "I think just going crazy with it won't kill me." I'm also considering stencil work on them as well, after seeing these babies!

      I can't decide if I like the idea of glowing neon with black, or like the third photo I posted of the spraypainted MSS shoes, with just crazy neon colours on obvious white. I think...I need to just buy like, five cans of spray paint, some newspaper, and go nuts. My brain keeps coming back to glow-in-the-dark colours with black, and then strictly turquoise and coral pink shoes. I almost think I need to buy another pair of these shoes...!

    2. yeah dude, you should just go NUTS on them. and you can always spray over them if you don't like how they turned out, or if you want to try something new!!

  2. Love! black baise sounds great, and as isabel said you can just spray them again 'till your pleased with the result.