Tuesday, March 13, 2012

78; Burn the Desert

Jacket: c/o Crash & Burn Apparel • Tank: Darkness and Dawn • Leggings + boots + arrow earcuff: eBay • Scarf: Fanneuil Hall open market • Axe earrings: Spencer's Gifts (don't judge me!) • Antique Vishnu necklace: birthday gift ♥

More photos of me than you ever wanted to see, huh?

Okay dudes, I am the freaking luckiest girl on earth: Crash & Burn sent me this beautiful jacket and oh my goddd. I have no words. None. Well, I have a few: it is so perfect for the spring (50-70 degree) weather I'm getting up here in New England: it's long, it's mind-bogglingly soft, so perfectly worn-in and comfortable... I'm just going to wear this with everything, ever. (I've been wearing it constantly, even just inside the house with some comfy leggings and t-shirt duo while sitting in bed watching Ghost Adventures. I am not kidding.)

I didn't get to show it, but it has straps inside the sleeves so that when I roll them up, I can buckle them. I also didn't show a proper use of the cinch tie on the jacket, only because I left the jacket open the whole day, and the ties look stupid long when I have them untied. Any normal-sized human being would rock it perfectly, though.

I also want to address this tank top! I discovered Darkness and Dawn on Etsy a few weeks back and was so epically town between this Horus tank top and the men's Acid shirt. (Which I actually bought just a few days ago and only just arrived.) JSYK, I miiight have snagged the last small of this tank top, I think? They run a little tiny anyway, and medium and large are still in stock. She still has all sizes of the Eye of Horus design available too.

The owner and designer is just amazing and creative, and runs her biz out of her Etsy and a few stockists throughout California, mainly in San Fran. Expect me to keep sporting her goods on this blog, because I am head over heels with her shirt designs, and I want to see this store go places. (And at some point, I'm turning the Acid tee into a muscle tee.) Get your butts over there and buy some stuff! If you like D+D on Facebook, you'll get a coupon code, too!

I think this is my favourite outfit so far, right next to Bad Karma, of course. I just look like some post-apocalyptic desert pirate-thing, with all that weaponry on my ears... Perhaps like I'm from the planet Tatooine. Or planet Gunsmoke, if you get that reference at all. (Probably not. It's cool. Just ignore me.)

Bottom line is: I LOVE YOU, OUTFIT.


  1. ok, not to like creep you out or anything, but I am seriously like dying over here. these noises are coming from me "ahhauuhhhuhhhhhhuuhhh soo goooddd ahhhhhhuhuhuhhh hhnnnnnngggg" over and over. i cant deal.

    1. De nada, those are pretty much the IRL reactions I have to all of my favourite blogs too, yours included.

      It's also how I reacted when that coat arrived in the mail, but I was sort of just writhing around on the bed clutching it to my face. It was a very lovely moment that I will cherish forever.

  2. ahhhhhhhhh no words just ksjfijfi love! That jacket is killer and just wow wow that outfit just wow I feel stupid I just love everything here! Everything is just so perfect! Your perfect I love your blog!!! Sorry for my lame stalker comment I just can't get over how much I love this outfit!



  3. Love these photos! That lipstick color looks so good with this outfit.

  4. Love your jacket! And gorgeous photos, love!!!

  5. This outfit is just AMAZING. That jacket...ah. I die. I totally know what you mean when you say you're lucky...I'm jealous! And, because the inner photographer in me is going CRAZY, I have to tell you that I ADORE these photos. Seriously. The background works so incredibly well with the outfit, and your poses rock. Much love!

    <3 Sam

  6. Oh my gosh! Every single aspect of this outfit is impeccable! Your style is the epitome of perfection! I love the prints and accessories and the entire grungy aesthetic of it. plposkoxzkcidjfuiawyeiusadnmcm majotr style crush alert! xxx

  7. Besides how amazing this outfit is (obviously), these are some gorgeous photos - wow. :)

  8. Awesome outfit...
    you are such a free-spirit
    love your style

    I am following your blog now
    Hope you will follow me back

  9. Found you on Gaia!
    The mix of textures and patterns, of the shirt and leggings and boots, is unexpected but you somehow work it really well. And some beautiful shots. You look divine in the 11th photo, if my counting's correct.

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  10. I can see why you like this outfit so much, it's excellent. The colours from all the clothes look really lovely together. I love those shades in the jacket.