Tuesday, March 20, 2012

80; WE ARE SOULMATES (Blogiversary + SOULMATES launch!)

Top: Pacsun • Pants + belt: Target (eek, don't judge) • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Stevie • Bandana: Hot Topic (okay, you can judge now) • Earrings + beaded bracelet: The Garage, Cambridge MA in Harvard Square • Bone-carved bracelet: Waloosi's, Leominster MA

It's my blog's first birthday! Don't bother going to find my first posts from a year ago; they're pretty embarrassing. I was such a newbie. (Though I still am pretty proud of the earcuffs post I made shortly after making my blog. I should do more posts like that.)

I really enjoy this outfit; it's kind of like if the music video for Lady Gaga's "Judas" took place in the 70s...with a little less skin showing. Also, how freaking awesome is this shirt? A glowing white tiger flying out of a horizon at your face via rainbow bird wings. I have half a mind to wear this to the next gay pride event I attend. Pacsun's sale section never manages to dissapoint. I seriously just shopped there the other day and found the most comfortable jersey maxi skirt ever, built in slip and everything, on sale for $6.99. YEAHHH you better believe I'll be sporting that on this blog in the near future.

Okay okay, so I wanted to have a giveaway all set up for my blogiversary, but I'm a little strapped for cash and didn't manage to get everything in order, mainly because I spent some cash on some SOULMATES supplies so I could FINALLY launch the store and start selling stuff. So...consider this my gift to you guys? I also mentioned in my last post that I really wish I could afford giving out a coupon code, but with six pieces and no idea of how successful (or unsuccessful) this will turn out to be, I'm just too nervous. I will keep my prices as reasonable as possible, and if I do generate some good business here, I will certainly do giveaways and coupon codes in the future! I'm already going to give people unique 10% discount codes for leaving positive feedback on my shop, so...!

I do, however, have one crystal pendant at a discounted price, as it was my first attempt at making these pendants, thus there are some cosmetic compromises. It's overall a nice pendant (I think) and I've worn it out a couple of times to certify that it won't fall apart, and I've gotten TONS of compliments on it. Check it out and see if you like it!

So, without futher ado, here is SOULMATES! (Click the banner to get there!)

If you have a blog and would like to support SOULMATES, have a banner! And let me know, too! ♥



    Hehe. <3 Good luck baby, I'm so proud of you! You're such a hard worker and you've come so far.~ (And the best part - you seem to really enjoy it! I love seeing you love something so much.)

    1. ♥ Thank you, babe! For supporting me, and being such an awesome model, of course!

  2. Just ordered those earrings :D :D so excited. ♥

  3. Ahh!!! I love your new store!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow when I have more time I'll figure out how to put up a banner for your lovely shop on my blog I should probably figure out how to get a banner for my own store on my blog lolz. Anyhow that shirt is amazzzzzing! I need to figure out how to DIY that fantastic fringe on the sides and sleeves asap. I have not been following your blog for very long but I'm totally crazy about your radsauce style and lovely thoughts, congrats on your blogs birthday!



  4. I am so effing happy about this whole blog post.

  5. WOOO! So happy for ya, Kat! I've already favorited your shop on Etsy so some of the people that have added me to their circle have heard of it.. Yay. I love everything.

  6. Your shop it the epitome of awesomeness! I love the aesthetic of this outfit too xxx