Monday, October 17, 2011

57; Ragnarök

Top: so old, can't remember • Vest: Claire's (I regret nothing) • Shorts: thrifted DIY • Shoes: Maurices • Scarf: Fanueil Hall open market • Belly dancing belt + chainmail hand-bracelet + dagger: renaissance faire (King Richard's) • Skull bracelet + crystal pendant: Waloosi's Emporium • Fringe necklace: Forever21

I wore this to King Richard's Faire -- a renaissance faire -- except the dagger necklace wasn't a necklace at the time (it's a real dagger that I made into a necklace when I got home), plus I was also wearing a pair of handmade horns also purchased while there. Kathryn's sister said I looked like a viking. I was fairly pleased with the observation.

I am so fond of this vest. It's faux fur, and it looks so freaking lovely, and I don't think I spent more than $22. (I can't remember, since I paid for this with the ear piercings I got on the same day.)

In other news, I sort of ragequit that outfit-sharing page on LiveJournal I was whining about a few posts back. Instead I started the same community over on DreamWidth, a website like LJ, DeadJournal, InsaneJournal, et cetera. (There was already the same community there on DW, but it was never updated when it was started two years ago. I felt like it was a bit of a lost cause.) I would be quite happy if anyone reading this joined! I mean, if you're into one of those sorts of websites. It's basically a communal personal-style blog/Lookbook. Doesn't that sound fun?

And hey, if you join, drop me a comment on my personal account there and we can be friends. (As if that's incentive to join a whole new website, I know...) ♥


  1. Oh my gosh, that belt!!! I am so glad you started your own community, too!

  2. I know right? $50, but considering it was going directly into the poor guy's pocket presumably for rent, and it's made of middle eastern currency...I just couldn't resist.

    Thanks! I'm kind of nervous for its future (IE, that I'll forever be the only one posting there) but, fingers crossed.

  3. You look fantastic, I love these accessories! That belt is fantastic xo

  4. So awesome! I love the fur vest and belt! Lovely. So boho.

  5. THAT BELT. Holy crap. And what is this necklace I see peeking out? Some sort of wrapped up dagger? Love.

  6. awesome outfit :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  7. I like the sound of the new site, so will definitely have a snoop at it! I need to catch up a bit, I hadn't head about any issues at LJ. Strange place though. Never known what to make of it really. It's weirdly frightening, ahha!

    And i'm so impressed by this i could die - it's the belt, for me. You make accessories an artform. Never stop being you!

  8. wow that belt!!