Thursday, March 8, 2012

77; Dead End

Fringe sweater: c/o Sugarlips Apparel • Disco Pants: American Apparel • Tapestry Litas: Jeffrey Campbell ( • Necklace: SOULMATES (coming soon)

Another birthday purchase of mine: AA Disco Pants! Though they make me feel like a total fatty, because I have the legs of a XS, but the waist and butt of a S. I don't know, form-fitting pants are almost always baggy in the knees for me. Weird.

Okay so, Sugarlips Apparel was kind enough to send me this adorable sweater! It's ridiculously warm and soft, and I am just loving it to pieces. It's kind of perfect for chilly spring weather like the stuff we get up here in New England. Plus, dig the crazy fringe on these bell sleeves! I LOVE THE BELL SLEEVES.

Their stuff is wicked adorable, and some of it's pretty wallet friendly! Check out these picks -- they range from $79 down to $18, and some of their other pieces are even cheaper (including tie dye leggings!):



I serrriously love that first sweater up there...I might have to buy it.


  1. these shoes are incredible! and also the sweater. everything, everything is equally incredible :D

  2. great sweater! i love comfy sweaters with a unique twist :) new follower :)

  3. Love this outfit! The sweater is so pretty x

  4. Your hair and shoes are just perfect! I love the styling of this outfit xxx

  5. The sweater is nice, you pull it off really well and I never liked those Litas but you have made them look desirable.

  6. so chic and relaxed! love it.