Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feature in online magazine, Tê Au!

Check me out! I'm a featured fashion blogger in the new issue of the online fashion magazine Tê Au! How awesome is that? This magazine is quite a nice read; it's targeted toward the younger fashion enthusiasts with a boho and/or vintage vibe, featuring style collages, articles on trending seasonal items, and style outfits from some of the magazine contributors themselves. It's a really inspiring mag, and I'm so honoured to be featured in this latest issue! They also offer ad space in their magazines, if any readers here have a shop or something... ♥ (Once I get SOULMATES up, I might contact them.) Seriously, check 'em out.

They're hosting their magazine on Issuu.com, and while you have to be a member to read the magazine in full and subscribe to them, I actually really would recommend registering on the site; there are quite a number of great magazines on this site including the blooming Tê Au up for reading:

Fierce Magazine (only one issue up, sadly)
PRESS the Fashion Magazine
Fashion Illustrator
FAN THE FIRE (formerly LOAD)
I Love Fake

Gosh, going through these mags makes me want to whip up something of my own...maybe I'll take a leaf from Jeffrey Campbell's latest lookbook issue and make something for SOULMATES when I have everything completed? Hello, inspiration bug, nice to see you again.


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