Thursday, January 26, 2012

70; What? I still have a blog?

Top: Salvation Army • Pants: Forever21 • Shoes: Steve Madden (TJ Maxx) • Shades: Gypsy Warrior • Belt: Etsy • Earrings: SOULMATES (coming soon) • Necklaces: DIY • Bracelet: India import shop

SO MANY APOLOGIES FOR BEING MIA! Winter sucks something fierce, and between working and trudging through the snow/sleet/ice to get everywhere, I've been left exhausted and with little time to spare. So much hate. Is it spring yet? I don't even need summer -- spring will do just fine.

I did get a day off with Kathryn a week ago, and this is what I wore on our long due trip into Boston. We chilled in Chinatown, ate Indian food, I bought tons of Japanese candy (oh my gosh I never thought I'd find soda Puccho candy! I was being threatened with $10 shipping for ONE pack of that stuff online; ridiculous) and remembered all of the horrible things I would do to live in Boston. I'd list those things, but I'd probably get arrested for simply uttering them in text form.

Though it reminded me that my birthday is coming up (February 12th!), and is on a Sunday, which is one of the two days a week that the Boston's Hare Krishna Temple meets and hosts a free dinner. UH, HELLO, IT'S FATE.

So this outfit is quite possibly what you would call a 'steal' in itself. The shirt (which you will recognise if you saw my YouTube video) was under seven dollars, the pants were about the same price, and the shoes...THE SHOES. These Steve Madden shoes were originally $250, right? Fifty bucks. Fifty. Bucks. I am serious guys, lurk your local Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx (if you're a US resident) constantly. These shoes showed up within the past two months at my local TJM, and went on clearance almost immediately. I am loving that store.

Kathryn calls this my "George Harrison shirt". I can't imagine why.

The status of SOULMATES: pending. I suck, I know. I'm sorry.

Next outfit will be awesome. Believe me. Just wait.

Anyone else love Cibo Matto?

...Okay, these random strings of consciousness will stop now.


  1. DYING over those boots. Wish anything so cool would show up at my local Ross. :(

  2. Your top is perfect. Seriously, waiting for your next post was worth it JUST for this blouse. I would style that thing to pieces.. Also loving your jewelry here, yes. Good post Kat, good good post.

  3. WELCOME BACK to blogland! We missed you! :) Epic return with this outfit though, I have to say. The print on that shirt is AMAZING, and I can't believe you scored those boots for fifty bucks?! Killer. I feel you on the sucky winter, big time, it just needs to be over already. So uninspiring, and so no fun living up here in Canada where you actually legitimately need a parka and SNOW BOOTS to go outside most of the time. Bleh.

  4. LOVE the George Harrison shirt :) I would totally wear that! Loving the leather pants with it too...such a cool look.