Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thrift store haul (Featuring a video!)

Some notes before watching:

• Taken with a less-than-high-quality built-in webcam and mic on a laptop. My DSLR's memory card can't write video data fast enough to take one!

• I talk kind of fast at points, too fast perhaps. This is due to slight anxiety -- not quite about making a video, but that people were walking by my room constantly, talking loudly and cleaning, and these are people who don't really even know I run this blog. With paper thin walls/doors, the idea of them overhearing me, or the video picking up on misplaced talking, was a large worry of mine. Lame, I know.

• This is why I played some possibly irritating music on the other computer, to create some ambient sound to drown them out. Alas, it's Indian instrumental stuff, so I don't know if the pitch or sound is going to be grating for anyone watching. Sorry if it is.

• Aforementioned music is George Harrison's Wonderwall Music.


• I'm spacey (you might catch on to this, slightly, during the video) and completely forgot to comment on just how ridiculous I felt while thrifting: wearing velvet leggings, carrying three velvet shirts (at one point), velvet palazzo pants, and a velvet skirt. I looked like a crazed velvet-seeking lunatic. It was silly.

Credit where it is due:
Jean Greige's Black Friday post that I mention in the beginning;
Olivia Harrison on Lookbook whom I reference twice;
'The missus' (to be) aka Kathryn.

Less than one week before the leopard top giveaway ends! If you haven't yet, sign up now!


  1. OOH GIRL, I like those wide-leg trousers you found! And that gorgeous paisley shirt. ;^; It reminds me of a crop-jacket I own that you'd just adore. So itching to go thrifting again.

    --you need to take the train to NYC some time and go to the Goodwill that's a rock's throw from the Met, because o. m. g. It's two stories and it is INTENSE; so much designer gets dropped there.

  2. I looooove that long green velvet blouse you got! Totally got one today! I just came back from thrifting and I spent like $100 (as usual) and purchased two long velvet blouses to wear as dresses with a belt on the waist. Ugh I love velvet. Hence, Velvet Codeine.. Ha. When you said 'I can fix that' when you were talking about your really really high waisted bell bottoms, I totally thought about the black dude from Holes. Such a good movie, oldie, but still a goodie (did I really just say goodie????)! What a freakin' crazy coincidence! I also purchased a skirt by accident (I thought that I put it back on the rack since it was like $7.99), and when I got home I was really angry so I checked the receipt and it was on sale for $3.99 and I was so happy! It fit perfectly and yay! Glad it happened to the post of us.

    Awesome thrifting haul.

  3. ahh me gusta your video. you found some good stuff! yay! thrifting is the best way to do it. I like the green velvet dress/top/button up a lot!! also, your necklace is way cool. I cant wait for you shop!