Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday I'm in Love (returns!)

Lets just pretend I never dropped the ball on this weekly thing of mine okay? ♥

Anything uncredited (non-linking images) were found floating on Tumblr.

I am tempted to mimic the last photo with some kool aid dyeing.

Might try to shoot a video of my thrifting haul from Wednesday. Yeah, a video -- because I know you all are dying to see me awkwardly monologue about clothes. ♥


  1. I did finish the video; thinking of posting it tomorrow evening. ♥

  2. I've just began to follow you (around three weeks ago ish), so I guess I was never around for the original 'Friday I'm in Love' posts. Sigh. Please keep these going! They're amazing! and I feel honored to have partaken in the return of the saga! Seriously you should have like over 1,000 followers.. Your blog is kickass.

  3. Thank you, Larissa! I feel bad for not keeping up with these posts, but now that I'm back into Tumblr, it's a much easier to find things I want to make posts about. I just HAD to include your yin yang nail job.

    You are seriously the sweetest! ♥

  4. bahhh these are good pictures. i think it would be suuuper sweet if you kool aid dyed your hair!! :D