Sunday, September 18, 2011

51; Nineteen Sixty-Eight (aka NECKLACE GIVEAWAY! ♥)

Dress: JC Penny • Hat: eBay • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell • Belt: Etsy • Shades: Gypsy Warrior • Pendulum crystal necklace: handmade by me!

I told you I'd come up with some sort of giveaway someday!

I made this necklace with my own two hands -- I didn't carve the pendulum, however, but I did use my own hands to hand my debit card over when I purchased it. (...Does that count?) The necklace is a crystal pendulum charm on deerskin suede cord, complimented with a small bird feather. The pendulum is polished, but you can still see the natural cracks and crystalized crackles within the stone. (Please note that I'm a petite girl, so this necklace may sit higher on your chest than it does on mine. The suede cord is at a total of 24" (12" of length when wearing it) but has a chain at the fastening for an added 2" of length

For anyone who is interested in this sort of thing, a friend of mine told me that this pendulum is likely based on one of the Chakras (I bought a red one, and she addressed it as a 'root chakra pendulum'), so this would in theory represent the Solar Plexus Chakra, which physically governs digestion (the absorption of energy), mentally governs personal power, and emotionally governs expansiveness, spirituality, and all manners of growth. (On an additional note, in Tibetan buddism, it is 'home of the red drop', or red bodhicitta, which is the essence of feminine energy. Y'know, just in case you were thinking to yourself recently, 'gee, I'd really love a necklace that will represent digestion, spirituality, and the female essence.' Because who wouldn't want that? But hey, if it's just a pretty necklace to you, then that's all it ever will be!)

I had decided a short time ago that I would love to start a small Etsy shop where I can sell handmade jewelery and some vintage clothes on the side, and even though I don't have anything set up, I felt like making a necklace to give out would get me started on that track. Besides that, I don't have any means of giveaway sponsors, so it's all on me!

So, how can you win this necklace?

1. You must be following On the Ganges; for some reason my little Blogger toolbar disappeared from the top of the page (probably when I decided to impliment a header image) so if you have trouble looking for the 'Follow this site' button on the sidebar, click here.

2. Comment with your email address so that I can contact you. (I suggest typing it out like 'name at domain dot com', so that spam bots won't steal your email and harrass you with junk mail!)

3. (Optional, but recommended) Follow this blog on Bloglovin'; you'll have and added entry if you do!

A winner will be chosen on September 30th. (The deadline might be extended if I have a small amount of entrants.) Feel free to tell your friends and social circles about this giveaway!

Good luck, everyone! Don't fret, I will try to have more giveaways planned out soon, and once my shop is up and running, this will probably be the second place I'll mention it. (First one being Facebook, of course. ♥)

EDIT: After receiving one certain comment, I'm just letting you guys know that this is totally open to international readers!


  1. Your dress is so lovely and I love your JC also! That's a nice giveaway, that necklace is cute!
    deeane.a at gmail dot com

  2. the shoes are absolutely amazing!!! <3

    all the best from stockholm,

  3. oh my, that necklace is so beautiful and unique!!

    zso_litvan at freemail dot hu

    thanks so much! <3

  4. I follow with gfc. Cute necklace!:)

  5. Not sure if this is open to international readers but I love it so I'm going to try anyway.

    letsgetwilde at hotmail dot co dot uk

    Following on Bloglovin too :)

  6. following! <3
    chrc96 [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. We love the dress but we absolutely adore the shoes! They are so pretty! We wear these types most times. Beautiful!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  8. Hi Kat! Your blog is awesome :D I can't find the bottun and the link dosen't work :( I'mfollowing your blog with bloglovin though :)

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  10. LL, on the right-hand sidebar to my blog, you'll find a section called "Followers" (it's between "Blogroll" and "Archive") and all you have to do is click the blue "Join this site" button. If you're still having trouble, I'll still count you anyway. :)

  11. simply unique. Thank you :)
    I'm following On the Ganges

  12. Beautiful necklace! Glad to have found your blog! I follow you via GFC! :)


  13. I also follow you on Bloglovin! :)


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