Sunday, September 11, 2011

49; Green Leaves of Summer

Top: Fiancée's • Bell bottoms: Delia's • Belt: Etsy • Litas: Jeffrey Campbell • Shades: Newbury Comics • Jewelery: Om necklace (Asian import store in California), Peace earrings (Claire's -- don't judge), garnet fringe ring (India import store in New Hampshire. Yeah, I have a thing for those kinds of stores.)

I kind of disappeared, huh? I've been working a ton -- I realise this is usually my excuse reason, but when you're working at Dunkin' Donuts four or five days a week, you become kind of too exhausted to do anything, especially if you have to walk there and walk home. (I realise most people work six or seven days a week, but that's just not my thing. I need to have days during the week where I can do less shameful things than what I have to do at work.)

So, not a very exciting outfit. I just really like these pants; unfortunately I'm very much too short for them and my Litas make me...slightly too short for them. I'll probably hem them, even if it's going to kind of negate the 'bell bottom' part. At least they'll look like flare cut jeans in the end?

At the same store, Kathryn bought the most adorable flower printed skirt, and since she refuses to use her Lookbook, Chictopia, or Facebook to post photos of herself, so I'm going to do it here for her!

You might recognise the top as being mine! This is the first time I've ever seen her wear a skirt (dresses not included; I've only seen her in a dress about five times?) and she claims this is the first skirt she's bought in about six years. She blames me for it, too, which I just accept as a 'thank you'. Doesn't she look lovely though? (I bullied her into wearing some very cute gold sandals with this, but she ended up ditching them, but that's all right. ♥) I may post photos of her here periodically in the future, in hopes that she may utilise her Lookbook or something!

And one last note, my best friend in the whole wide world (no, really -- like, except for Kathryn) Memai (sometimes known as Amanda, or Daisy) who has been a fashionista since before I met her an astounding five years ago, has finally started her own fashion blog! I really hope you'll check it out. She's only made one post so far, but maybe add her to your Bookmarks and check her out once in a while? She's honestly a really fierce lady: SELTSAM. (She has a few more looks on her Lookbook and Chictopia, as well!)


  1. Oh my god Kathryn looks STUNNING in a skirt. No, seriously. Her figure suits it ♥ Mayhaps a rockin' t-shirt with a really nice Maxi skirt?

    Also, I like simple outfits best, and lord knows I can't pull off anything flared or bell-bottomy ;____; Ugh y u so fierce BBY?

    And wowowowow has it already been 5 years? TIME GOES BY SO FAST OMGOSH ;____; Thank you for the plug, baby, it means a lot ♥

  2. I love the floral detailing on your jeans, and your shoes! Simple outfits are sometimes the most chic, and yours is totally stylish. I'm so happy I found your blog; its great and you have a really cool fashion sense.

    If you have time, I would love it if you checked out my fashion blog. If you like it and decide to follow that would be great, but ONLY if you REALLY like it! Hope to hear from you soon!


  3. You both look fabulous - and i love the red (tank) against the moss. The jeans are actually awesome, a style i really love but can't seem to pull off very well. This is just the right shade, too.

    And your hair! Love:)))

  4. You have a great style, really like your blog. I follow you.

  5. That's such a lovely look! I like your blog, followed :)