Sunday, September 25, 2011

52; The Planet Gunsmoke

Top: Thrifted in Cape Cod • Pants: Forever21 • Poncho/Kimono/"Ruana": Staring at Stars (Urban Outfitters) • Docs: Ebay • Scarf: Fanueil Hall (Boston) • Shades: Newbury Comics • Jewelery: Spike-fringe necklace (Forever21), Pendulum necklace (DIY), Feather earrings (Hyannis), Bone-carved bracelet (antique), rings (crow from Moon Raven Designs, Elephant from Urban Outiftters, garnet-fringe from an Asian import shop)

Jeeze-louise, I have a lot of photos and things listed!

This is what I decided to wear when I visited Salem last week; I originally planned to wear my tie-dyed shorts for an added desert-dweller effect, but it became very cold, very suddenly, as New England is known to do. Though I suppose the title doesn't exactly match up with witches and magic, but it's still relevant. Wearing this outfit got me in a mood to listen to a certain soundtrack on the car ride from a show I used to watch as a younger girl, a science fiction-western anime called Trigun. Now, if you didn't close out this page at the moment I used the word 'anime', I really appreciate you staying. ♥

But really, the soundtrack is amazingly eccentric and unique, and it's what inspired me to watch the show. There are western folk (and sometimes honky tonk) elements along with electronic, blues, samba, art of noise, and rock. The style I ended up with in this outfit is very reminiscent of the show: weird west. The main protagonist too wears red (moreso than I) with skinny dark pants and hulky boots, and I daresay my wayfarer sunglasses are nearly identical to another semi-main character in the series. Sitting in the car for the hour-long ride listening to tunes like H.T, Permanent Vacation, Not an Angel, Fool's Paradise, and Blue Funk really just put me in a good zone for the day, what with feeling so lovingly nostalgic from the music and wearing something so crazy yet appropriate. It felt like some weird sense of time travelling! Though I do apologise for how serious I look in these photos. Like I mentioned, it was awfully cold. Being on the coast of the Atlantic didn't make bearing the cold wave much easier.

The highlights of my purchases were a beautiful blue crescent moon pendant (trust me, you'll see this in future outfits) and a miniature art noveau tarot deck. (I'm rather glad it's small, as my hands are tiny, but I think I'd like to buy the 'normal sized' deck sometime, even if just to have a better view of the art.) It was so amazing there, and yet we only stuck around the same three blocks or so for the whole stay. Kathryn and I want to go back to venture through more areas and visit some museums, if we can somehow wrangle up someone with a car. Our day was spent stranded without a car all depending on one person who could drive back to pick us up. Sucked in some aspects, but was nice in others.

I am in love with my tarot deck, though. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but I've 'tested' it, per se, with certain spreads for certain things, and it's come to be remarkably cooperative and accurate. I'm not entirely sure that I believe in cards telling futures and such, but it is quite like consulting someone for advice. I performed a past life spread out of curiosity, but it brought up an issue that I do certainly face from time to time and advised how to deal with it, which was much appreciated. It was also scary accurate with Kathryn's personality and concerns, which was a fun experience!

Here are some of the cards, laid out in my past life (invoking pentacle) spread:

Would it be weird to include tarot cards in fashion photos...? I am way too tempted now.

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  1. These pantas and the cape are perfect!

  2. I'm really fond of tarot cards, especially the design element, so i say go for it, i imagine you could incorporate them to advantage because they are very 'you', if that makes sense, as opposed to seeming pretentious. In fact this is what i love most about your style: it always feels fully an expression of your own integrity, which is refreshing.
    Anyway, i adore the blanket and boots. And those pants deserve expletives of praise..haha!

  3. I am INTO this outfit. The pants, the poncho, the shoes, everything. And Trigun soundtrack? Yes. Glad your inspiration came from Vash. There are so many anime soundtracks that I am into. Hooray anime!

    strawberry freckleface

  4. I really adore this outfit! The only thing that doesn't quite sit well is the boots, I feel like it really throws off your proportions in an unflattering way. But everything else is great!

    And supposedly your first deck of tarot cards are suppose to be gifted or its bad luck. It's probably just a myth though lol : S they're gorgeous cards, I love the art nouveau style

  5. Louise; Thank you so much! You're always so nice and honest; I always look forward to your responses. ♥

    Guh, these pants are my life. I wear them so much that I actually accidentally broke the button off! I'll get around to sewing it back on soon.

    Casey; Another Trigun enthusiast?? You're seriously my new favourite person now. ♥♥

    I wish desperately that I could wear this outfit everyday, but I think I can settle with just wearing the poncho everyday instead.

    Jordanna; I actually was going for that effect with the boots. Well, not aiming for it to be 'unflattering' but you get what I mean, haha.

    Huh, really? My fiancée's mother's first deck was gifted, and she was practically scolded by a friend of hers for even accepting a deck that was someone else's because it's supposed to be 'bad'. There are ways of cleansing decks though, and with that piece of information from you, I'll perform a spread for new decks that I've found recently. I hope that's not the case though!

  6. thanks so much sweetie, I absolutely adore your necklace!

    xoxo Despite Color

  7. love these trousers! :)