Saturday, September 17, 2011

50; Aquarius ♒

Top + shades: Gypsy Warrior • Jeans: Target, because I'm classy • Boots: Etsy • Headband: Boston's Faneuil Hall open market • Earrings: Hyannis open market • Ear cuff: Local 4th of July open market

I think this shirt was made for me. I am fairly thrilled to have been born under this sign, and finding this gorgeous and colourful vintage fringed shirt on one of my favourite stores Gypsy Warrior seriously made my whole week. (Fun fact: I wore this outfit when I bought the jeans in my last post. I kind of like recycling outfits sometimes.)

Not many pictures, I know. Lately with how much I've been working, my appearance has taken a theoretical back seat. It's gotten to a point where I feel awkward in most things I wear, and when Kathryn whips out the camera, I look really uncomfortable, stiff, and just plain icky. It takes a ton of shots before I feel comfortable and look somewhat visually appealing. It's so weird.

Short post for today, mainly because I need to get a few things done around the house. However, I have some awesome news: I'll be announcing a giveaway on my next post! (Unless something else extremely dire should occur, but that's unlikely, I think.) Stay tuned!


  1. The shirt definitely was made for you! Love it all....and your hair just keeps on getting more awesome.

  2. Ugh I am jelly of how flawless you look ;____;

    I wish I could do simple and natural like you ♥ You remind me a lot of those girls down near the thrifts shops in SF ;____; With their maxi skirts and headscarves ♥

  3. You're cute! I like your top :)

  4. You look wonderful! That shirt is great! :)