Tuesday, April 17, 2012

84; Within You, Without You

Top: Mossimo, kinda-sorta-DIY • Pants: thrifted • Scarf: Salem MA Peabody Essex Museum • Necklace: birthday (eBay) • Jewelry: borrowed, vintage, everywhere • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Stevie

(I didn't even notice my earring was all messed up until I got home. Don't you hate that? Well, IDGAF.)

Hurr, told you I had a slight pudge on my tummy. Workin' on it slowly, just a little difficult when you have metal hardware in your spine (yup, that's my spine there!) which means no sit ups or crunches. I'm determined though! I have other exercises I'm doing, like bicycle crunches and planks. Psh, no spinal defect's gonna keep me between my nicely toned tummy. Take that, genetics! I also have an awesome personal trainer, since my fiancée is a workout machine. I'm just freaking lazy and can't practice self-discipline. Ever.

Oh and, uh...I should stop eating donuts at work. And muffins. And things. Ehh.

Also funny story about this shirt. It's like, way longer than it is, I just tucked it up into my sports bra. Ta-dah, instant belly shirt! Try it guys, it works really well if your shirt is chiffon and formless. Hides awkward clothing bunches up in the bra.

So I'm going to stop ignoring the elephant in the room and promise that I'll stop wearing this necklace...or try to. I just. You don't know how much I love this necklace. I want it permanently attached to my chest. I want to be buried with it. (Or cremated? I haven't decided.) Okay, I'll just not wear it in blog-outfits. If I'm wearing it out one day, I'll take it off for pictures? Or I could just not give a f-ck and wear it like I've been doing. Decisions!

Or I could buy more to create variety in my jewelry collection. Well, I love excuses to buy stuff!


  1. lol I love this necklace so you should keep wearing it!! hehehe :)

    nice job with the tuckage with your shirt, looks super gooood!! :) also your make up is literally PERFECTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHH!

    WHO knew Katherine was a trainer!?!?! crazy. I dont think I could ever be in a relationship with someone who is all into exersizing cuz I never do.. ermmm, like Casey (strawberry feckleface) is SO athleticy worky outy and it just makes me feel like a lump on a log, but whatever. My ways of wroking out are bellydance and biking and walking.

    OH ANNNNNNNDDDD i didnt even notice your earring was messed up (it doesnt look messed up at all?!) but then i remember you said that yesterday and yada yada I went back and looked and it doesnt even... i cant even.. what? messed up? no. not really. not that I can see... hrmmmphhh maybe i just dont know my earrings? OH I DONT HAVE MY EARS PEIERCED! wow sorry this has gotten so long and rambly.


  2. Dude, I have been wearing my black crazy necklace literally EVERY DAY. I feel your pain. This outfit is awesome! You are so smart with your temporary crop top. I remember having them same, "Well, look at you!" reaction when Suzy created a temporary fishtail skirt by tucking it under her belt. Smart ladies.

  3. That necklace is gorgeous, I can see why you'd wanna wear it all the time! Also love what you did with your shirt!


  4. That necklace. Is amazing. I don't even care if you've worn it a ton.
    And the crop top idea is so smart! I'm gonna keep that in mind for the future.

  5. your eye make up is killing me, soo good. oh and super huge props for sports bras in non-sports related activities. so...supportive. makes going down stairs so not painful. yay!

    also, the title of this post is quite literally the best song of all time.

  6. you've got an amazing style,amazing blog,and you are realllyy pretty :) love your blog,following you xx

  7. What! I say wear that damn necklace to death! It looks so good with everything, so don't worry about repeating. Seriously. That is some intense hardware in your back there. Hope you're ok.

  8. Love love love! Your necklace is absolutely gorgeous- you shouldn't stop wearing it at all! If I had one as awesome as that, I'd definitely want to wear it day-in, day-out xxx

  9. That necklace is KILLER!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Following you! =)


  10. shit kat you are kiiiiilling it lately! this outfit is so awesomely insane i don't even know where to begin! and i don't blame you for wearing that necklace nonstop because it is amazing! btw your stomach is perfect, i wish mine looked that good! ;p


  11. Beyond amazing, as usual! We love.

    ox from NYC!


  12. Great style of pants, cute hippie chic inspiration ! XOXO

  13. i'm with rachel on that... the intro always kills me...

    love this look ENTIRELY... but it's your makeup that is entirely beyond! loooove it.