Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A vlog, and some other notes.

Heyyy, a video! After seeing Madeline from Jean Greige and Isabel from I Fly a Starship post their own videos inspired by Fashion Pirate about their experiences in fashion blogging, I decided to be extremely unoriginal and follow suit. Because I know how desperately you guys wanna see a thirty-seven minute long video of me rambling on through different incoherent trains of thought. ♥

Oh my god I basically just tell my life's story here, and how I learned to develop what I call the 'IDGAF mentality.' I am so lame, and not good with words.

So I mention in the video that I have a Formspring account, and that I really want some more questions to be left in my inbox! So get over here and leave me some questions. Or email me. Or something.

Also, the loud annoying clicking is the laptop's mousepad-thing. I am so sorry you guys, it's not even half as loud IRL.


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  1. I really connect with you on all of this.
    I'm still a baby blogger. I've only put my stuff out there for three or four months, and this is like my first social journalism stuff that I've ever attempted. I started blogger because of all the awesome blogs that I've seen before, and I have to say, yours is definitely in that category. You have an absolutely kick ass blog here, and I would personally be really upset if you one day did give into those feelings and just up and stop posting. You've got such an awesome style. And as far as the high school giggles, whatever. In two years, those girls will be wearing yoga pants and a north face jacket nikes for the rest of their college career. And when they do reach college, they'll finally realize that life is to short to be ridiculous about what people are wearing. As far as wearing Native American stuff, the person who said that to you was an extreme dick. I am of Cherokee heritage, and Native American print, symbols, or otherwise, do not offend me what so ever. The only no-no in my brain is wearing the war bonnet as a prop for a photo. War bonnets are items of extreme cultural significance, and it frustrates me to no end. I suppose that's just because I'm jaded. I'm also Italian and find Jersey Shore and Hetalia super offensive as well. Then again, I wear bindi's too. Mostly because I think they're beautiful, and they are not considered culturally offensive. And to me, Native prints, squash blossom necklaces, Thunderbird imagery, or even old pawn jewelry are a gorgeous, free game thing to any ethnicity who wants to put them on. War bonnets are just so....specific to the wearer. I think I just want everyone's culture to be equally respected, not just kind of thrown around? Culture is there to be purely enjoyed and loved by everyone. I just think some of the symbols from certain cultures should be left alone for reasons of respect. I dunno. I'm rambling. Loved the post, and I'm sorry my comment is like three years long.

    xoxo -
    (Oh, and as far as physical insecurities go, you put that out of your head this very minute. You're a stunner, babe.)

  2. Okay so I am soooo happy I finally watched this. No joke, I have had this window open on my computer since the 12th and I just haven't had the time to watch it. Seriously thank you for this video I hope you do more in the future! It was really interesting to hear your blogging story because I kind of feel like I am fashionally (lets pretend that is a word)wear you started when you first started blogging. I love that you have an IDGF attitude and I am working on getting that myself. Thank you for staying true to your style and making me feel like it's okay that I like the things that I like and that I am not crazy. I don't think that you have any reason to be insecure with your looks but I do think it is amazing that you are willing to admit them to the interwebs, maybe if everyone was honest about how we feel about our own body's then we could be nicer to everyone else about how they look. So I am rambling but yeah I freaking love your blog/style/things you write/or say in videos! <3