Tuesday, April 3, 2012

82; We Loved LSD, We Died Easily

Top: Doe (via Pacsun) • Shorts + shoes: eBay • Vest: DIY • Bracelet: vintage • ShopWasteland.com button

First off -- I apologise for the ugly mosquito bites on my legs. At least only one of them is really visible (see the final photo) and the other one is on the backside of my upper most thigh, so it was only caught in one photo. If you go to try to look for it, then you sir are one serious creeper.

Second -- I'm not blonde yet. I took these photos about a week and a half ago. I've been so freaking lazy and complacent about photographing outfits lately. It's been annoyingly cold again! I had four days off from work last week and just spent the time at home, watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine with my babe and making more SOULMATES stuff. Oh yeah, you read right. And I don't mean like, one little necklace or half an earring pair. I've begun two earring pairs and have finished three necklaces. I have been VERY productive compared to how I had been functioning before. I've also started planning on making some new jewelry pieces, to add to the earrings and necklaces. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know what I'm talkin' about.

I can't even believe that I haven't worn these shorts yet -- and I don't just mean on the blog for you guys. I've had them since...last May? Thing is, I had NOOOTHING to wear with them. My wardrobe lacks many red/coral/pink colours, and even tops that seemed like they would vaguely match in colour were just completely wrong for the style of these shorts. They're the cutest and most comfortable high waisted shorty shorts that I own, I think. So you'd think I would have bought a different colour, but I didn't like the other variations. I'm a little stubborn, I guess?

By the way I WAS BORN TO LOVE THIS SHIRT. A...a tarot card shirt? For real? For $25? Whaaat? And I'll be honest with you, I've been pretty unimpressed with a lot of cutout-sleeved shirts I've been seeing lately (I feel like the cut in the sleeves for a lot of shirts I've seen are awkwardly round, in a way that looks silly to me. I can't explain it) but for some reason, I really do love the sleeve cuts on this one. The cuts are less round and more gradual, and I like it a LOT better. I told you that Pacsun can do no wrong, guys. (Or, well...I do mean Doe, who is responsible for this amazing shirt. But at least Pacsun knows to carry good looking stuff.)

I think I'm going to invest in some more bodycon dresses and skirts for this year. I see 'em paired with trashy tees and jackets, and it just sets my heart afire. Especially ones with crazy neon colours or patterns. Mm-hmm!

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Title reference ♥


  1. waahh this outfit rocks my worrrrld. the shirt,woahdang. and your shoes, WANT! they are so bright and silly and perfect. All tennis like shoes are sill yin my book, but like.. these are good silly, as are platfrom sneakers.. good silly. silly maybe because i'd never actually go running or do anything atheltic in them. ANYWAYS... I cant wait till you put up some more stuff for Soulmates! woohoo and also this stupid internet isnt loading the video so I'll check out the song later-o. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD I love tarot so why don't I have this shirt on my body!? I have a set of tarot cards and I love using them.. you rock, my friend.


  3. I know what you mean about the cut-outs, but these are quite flattering. This shirt is pretty spiffy in general, actually.

  4. I definitely agree about the shorts thing! They look tough to style! They're fabulous, though! Also, those kicks are not my style but you make them look really cool! You are just general awesomeness!

  5. Awesome outfit! I really want some short shorts but I feel like my thighs are way too huge to pull them off :( I'd probably be gross in them and sell them on ebay 5 seconds later. Sigh. I absolutely adore the denim vest with the studs, so cool. Denim vests are another item I really like but don't seem to be able to work in my own style. I think bodycon dresses and skirts would look amazing on you :)

  6. duuuuude those shoes are epic. I feel like i've been cheating on my shorts with denim lately, myself so rock out with your legs out mosquito bites and all



  7. That t-shirt is amazing...I can't believe you found it at PacSun! What a find! I love how you styled the shorts, too. This is the perfect outfit for a casual day. <3

    <3 Samantha

  8. the Tarot Card shirt is so good! especially with those shorts. I think i'm in love...



  9. Yes! I love this outfit soooo much. I am so glad that it did so well on Lookbook!

  10. i love the eyeliner on the inside of your eyes! lovely jubblayyy !!
    you header/banner/photo is beautiful! good work :D