Monday, April 9, 2012

83; Catch Hell Blues


T-shirt: eBay vintage • Earcuff + necklace + belt: eBay (necklace as a birthday present) • Vest: DIY • Pants: Forever21 • Shoes: Steve Madden (TJ Maxx) • Jewelry: so many places! • Crystal necklace: SOULMATES (coming soon!)

Blonde again! I wasn't used to it until I started getting roots. Then I was all, "ahh yeah, that's more like it." I don't know, I like the dark shadow it gives the shaved-side of my head. I can't decide if I just shouldn't bleach that side of my head or not. I've seen other bloggers rock it, but then, would I look just like them? Hmm. Quite a dilemma.

I'd like to draw your attention to the crystal necklace I'm sporting here. It'll be up on SOULMATES later this month! I know you can't really see much of it, so here's a super-close up shot of it. I have more on the way, guys!

I keep feeling some fashion-block upon me, but I'm attributing it to some stress in my little corner of the universe. When I get stressed, I shut down. It's not a good response, and I know it. This time it left me feeling just really blah and gross and frustrated with my appearance. Wasn't a good feel, bro. I'm feeling better though -- I'm actually feeling really great about blogging as of very recently, after having it shown to me my place amongst my favourite blogger girls. It's been really surreal, the past couple of months. My Lookbook sorta exploded and I've gained a lot of followers on this blog, and have had some collaborations with some clothing websites. It's like I'm actually an appealing blogger or something. WHAT.

I don't know, I've always been in the backseat in life. It's strange thinking I might be just vaguely "successful" at this, after a year of blogging the way I have. It's bizarre, but awesome. It makes me happy to be part of this little circle on the internet, to possibly help shape what fashion is for us. It's exciting, and makes me proud to have this blog. I don't have 1000 blog followers or sponsorships flying at me left and right, but I feel like I'm on top of the world, because those things don't make me excited to be a blogger. People would think fashion blogging is just based on dressing up to impress readers, but it really isn't for me. It's the people I meet and talk to, the people who inspire me and show me new and magnificent things to wear, and how it changes me as a person. If I only had ten followers, I'd still be blogging.

I've become so much more confident in myself in so many ways, including my body, because of blogging. I've learned to take risks in my appearance and have discovered how much more like myself I feel when I take those risks, and that those risks don't kill me! I never really felt comfortable in my skin when I was growing up, and I finally just me. It's made me learn how to become myself, my making me change how I was into what I wanted to be. It's made me less afraid to do bizarre things. It's weird to explain.

Speaking of my lack of body issues, I think my hips got curvier. I hope it isn't from the free donuts I get at work. Oh man, I really need to stop eating those. Immediately. Even if not due to the weight-gain possibility, but because that shit can't be good for the human body.

In other news, thinking of getting hair extensions for the not-shaved part of my hair. Maybe. If I can afford it. I'm almost too afraid to research how much money that would cost, since Sally Beauty sells human hair extensions for over a hundred bucks. I am crying.

Finally, title reference:

Though I feel this song is pretty appropriate for this outfit as well: a Judas Priest + Lady Gaga mash-up that I am obsessed with.

Jeez, is this post long enough yet?


  1. This is one of the coolest outfits I've seen in a while. That necklace is all kinds of awesome!

    Also, if you're serious about extensions, I recommend Foxy Locks clip-ins. Clip-ins are kind of a hassle, but less damaging to your hair (so I've heard, anyway.) I've tried a few different brands, and those are by far my favorite.

  2. Good post, Kat! I am loving that HD shirt. Like, obviously.

  3. Blogging is such a great tool for self-reflection and exploration. I'm not sure most people see that side of it, but it's really like a journal/diary no matter what you blog about. A blogger shows oneself to the world just by putting thoughts out there, & by going back & looking at those "thoughts" (whether it's a photo, an outfit, or whatever), the blogger begins to get a better sense of oneself.

    I'm glad that blogging has helped you find confidence; that's amazing! I'm new to your blog but I already love your style. S'wonderful. ;)

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  4. You look crazy fab! I love all the details, especially your necklace. You're seriously lucky for those free donuts too, and I don't blame you for eating them at every moment possible. :-P

  5. Such a cool outfit, as always, you manage to look epically cool. Congratulations on whatever blog success is coming along your way, that's awesome :) it doesn't surprise me. I agree with a lot of what you said about blogging. Being involved in 'fashion' blogging gives me the courage to dress with more risks too.

  6. Kat! I'm so happy to see you talking about your recent little "explosion". I absolutely LOVE seeing your photos all o'er Tumblr with a ton of notes, and on the hotpage of Lookbook. I feel like over the past year-ish, we have seen you go from a fashion fan to a fashion influencer, and it's really great to watch that progression. I absolutely love how many more risks you're taking (your hair! extensions -- ohhhh my gosh) and find myself genuinely excited to see what you will come up with next. Much love, lady!!!!

    1. Guh, I am always way too thrilled when you comment to my stuff. I am weird.

      Hah, I don't even see myself as an 'influencer' even now, because I don't know if I'm bringing anything new to the table. I never really notice if I do, only because I don't aim to. It's all new stuff for me anyway, but I do get bored of certain things easily and try to look for newer concepts and styles that I haven't explored yet. I dunno, am I an influencer? Haha.

      Though I am really...really tempted to get extensions. Gosh, if they weren't so freaking expensive. I could get a tattoo and still have money left over! Damn. I'd get clip-ins but the idea feels almost silly, more like an accessory than a hair change for me. I'd feel kinda fake or something. Hmm.

  7. I, too, am a serial donut eater. I probably shouldn't be proud of the fact that I can kill a half dozen in one sitting, but i am. More importantly, this outfit rocks my life away. everything about it, ohhh my.

  8. I am SO OBSESSED with your crystal necklace. I need one. And you, my dear, are a STUNNER!! New follower :)

  9. love this outfit!! especially the sleeveless denim jacket! got another new follower;)

  10. amazing look! the shoes are awesome and so are the accessories