Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All That Glitters

I'll tell you the truth: I used to hate sequins. I mean, hate with a passion. To an extent, I still cringe when I see some articles of clothing, but those are usually the shirts you spot at Wal-Mart with the crappy sequin work (IE, lightly peppered along a screened shirt), and the like. You know: far from tasteful.

For a couple of months now, I've noticed that sequined clothes are really coming back. I've seen batwing jackets, mini dresses, you name it, all over my favourite online shops, and they're all pretty fantastic. They take me back to my teenaged years when I was introduced to Rocky Horror and seeing Nell Campbell as Columbia. I've now grown extremely fond of sequined items, or just generally anything sparkly. I just think these clothing items will be great to beat to winter blues! (I think Casey and I are the only ones being dragged into winter kicking and screaming.)

I've compiled a little collection of glittering garments that are just amazing, ranging from most to least expensive. (All images link back.)


Sources: Gypsy WarriorVantage Point VintageTotal Recall VintageEtsyForever21

I am legit considering those Roller Derby shorts, especially since they're made to order. Even if I can't wear them until next year when it warms up, I'll be ready at least. The only thing keeping me from buying a pair as I type this is my indecision for what colour I want. I'm stuck between black, white, and turquoise. (Also, the model in the very last photo for Total Recall Vintage looks like Mélanie Laurent to me, which probably means nothing to anyone except Kathryn... Well, unless you've seen Inglourious Basterds?)


  1. Wow love all the pics you posted but I particularly love that sequined jacket!!! Gorgeous!

  2. glitter is way mad at the mo! go for the shorts!! wear them with stockings even


    Bang & Buck

  3. Diane; I've seen lots of sequined batwing or bomber type jackets on ebay and etsy in the past few months, so luckily they're easily accessable!

    Bang and Buck; I may seriously have to when I get paid next week. I might go for black, so the sparkle will stand out more. ♥ (Though they also have animal print shorts on that shop...and I am always looking for more snake skin printed clothes!)

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