Friday, October 14, 2011

56; The Weird West in 3D

Top: borrowed from Kathryn • Vest: DIY • Shorts + fringe necklace: Forever21 • Belt + boots: Etsy • Shades: Newbury Comics

Hah, these photos were taken like, maybe last month? (Late last month, granted, but still.) I got a second set of earlobe piercings on this day, and a wonderful fake fur vest that you'll be seeing in my next outfit. I wore it to Kind Richard's Faire and someone stopped me just to ask where I bought it, because she had been searching for a decent fake fur vest and dropped $40 on one online that turned out to be less than satisfying.

Also, I get paid on the 21st, and I will be combining funds with Kathryn to purchase a Canon Rebel T2i though a shop-at-home website that offers monthly payments. I had thought to try this out last month, back when the camera in total was about $1050 (approximately $347 per month) but Kathryn advised against it, pointing out that it would be cheaper to buy the camera elsewhere in full. I stalled, because saving up $800 would take forever and the appeal of my master plan was that I give them my first payment plus $15 for shipping, and I'd get the camera immediately. I ended up just putting it all off in favour of focusing on getting Kathryn birthday presents. The camera's price has dropped, and while it's still at $899 on the website (and elsewhere it's cheaper), I feel like this is all just very convenient. I had no real reason to check the bookmarked page I had for the camera, but I did last night, and it's almost as if it's calling out to me. And hell, it seems that most of the negative reviews for it on Amazon have to do with malfunctioning cameras, not the quality of the camera itself. I just can't wait to have the camera and learn with it!

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  1. Good job with the vest, love it! I like your necklace too :)