Thursday, October 6, 2011

54; Wake up in the morning feeling like George Harrison

 Top: Ebay • Vest: DIY • Shorts: Crystallized Vintage • Boots: Etsy • Scarf: Salem MA • Shades: Gypsy Warrior • Jewelery: Earrings (I can't remember!), Bone carved bracelet (antique), Om bracelet + garnet fringe ring (India import shop), Elephant Ring (borrowed, Urban Outfitters), that other ring (gift), engagement ring (it counts, right?)

You know, if George Harrison was a west coast gypsy biker chick... Yeah.

Kathryn suggested that I add the story behind the image on my tank top:

Gajendra, the king of elephants, disturbed a mighty crocodile who grabbed one of his legs and began pulling him under the water. Trapped within the crocodile’s strong jaws, Gajendra tried in vain to free himself. He struggled hard but the crocodile’s hold remained firm. Gajendra called out to his herd, but they were too frightened to come to his aid. As he was about to drown, the elephant-king picked up a lotus with his trunk. Lifting it towards the heavens, he cried, “I offer this to Vishnu, my lord, the refuge of the helpless.” Instantly, the lord descended from Vaikuntha on his mount Garuda, and liberated Gajendra by striking down the crocodile.

So this is pretty much why Visnu is my bro.


In retrospect, it seems odd that these photos were taken in three different locations. Well, Kathryn and I are so sick of Dunkin' Donuts' terrible coffee (well, it is pretty unimpressive coffee) so we take the train two towns over just to have either Starbucks, or the local Dunk's impostor, Dippin Donuts, which sells New England brand coffee. It is so worth the four bucks spent getting there and back on the train, let me tell you. I mean, as if their Sticky Cinnamon Bun coffee wasn't amazing enough, but they also have Pistachio Ice Cream flavoured coffee, and it's just fan-freaking-tastic.

To make a long story short (too late), we were on our way to the train and I asked for outfit pictures. As we continued through town, I wanted more -- as I was unhappy with the first ones -- and then when we got to our destination, I saw this open lot with all of this overgrown plant life, and I knew I had to get a couple of pictures there as well.

These were taken about a week or so ago. Since then, the weather has become awfully cold, and I despise it. I even won a dress by LOVE through According to Annika, and unless we get a heat wave, I won't be able to wear it anywhere. What a bummer.

Also, I'm more involved with my twitter account. Check it out if you like seeing me rant about things in 140 characters or less!


  1. Kat, I LOVE this outfit SO much!

  2. Very cool boots!:)

  3. I love the retro vibe of the outfit, great top and accessories too! :)

  4. I like this look like the '' Liberty is my religion '' style.... i love...

    Please follow........if u want.....

  5. I laughed when I saw these pictures. It's, like, ten degrees today XD

    I do not like your glasses :O It seems as if the bridge is too long for your face.

    Why don't you guys make coffee at home? My brain says that most coffee places sell bags of their coffee and/or beans.

  6. Thank you, Madeline! ♥

    Eli; well, it's mainly because I hate hot coffee. It always leaves a sour aftertaste for me. This is part of why I'm more fond of iced coffee, that and it's easier for me to drink than a hot drink, which you have to delicately sip, et cetera. Iced coffees are usually brewed differently and in some cases, have special grinds for such a case (like at my work). TL;DR, I'm picky?

  7. I really like the boots and necklace - you have a crazy knack for finding the most unique accessories. I also wonder about other people taking outfit pics for us: i have only allowed this once, an ex boyfriend who really made a pitiful mess of the shots. I think he scarred me for life;)

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