Sunday, June 26, 2011

34; Next stop, Salem Mass.

I recently got to visit a shop on the way out of town that specialises in antique knick-knacks, furnature, fossils, crystals, jewelery, and occult pieces like skulls carved from various stones, Hindu figures, pentacle pendants, reiki crystals, and the like -- and really, I didn't spend a whole lot. I'm pretty sure I walked in there with $45 in my purse and had six or seven dollars leftover in the end.

Turquoise wood pendant, approx. $4

Flourite crystal pendant, approx. $8
I was hoping to find a clear quartz crystal pendant, but I'm not too worried. They're all around the internet, and this one looks pretty darn cool.

Amethyst pendant, approx. $6
Not only my birthstone, but it just looked really lovely in the case I found it sitting in. I am actually loving this more than I thought I would when I bought it.

Bone carved bracelet, approx. $5
At least, the tag said 'bone' on it -- however, I no longer have it because the woman snipped them all off and kept them when she was adding up my total. It's fairly light, and definitely hand carved. (The photo isn't pixelated; the edges are just rough.)

Polished garnet piece, approx. $8
I hope to try to turn this into a necklace pendant, somehow.

Quartz crystal, approx. $6
This was so gorgeous, that I just had to buy it. Maybe I'll be able to turn this into a pendant as well?

Old tile, $2
Sarah picked this out but wasn't sure on buying it. I went ahead and purchased it in case she didn't want it,  and to secure no one else grabbing it. (Not sure if she still wants it, actually.) For the life of me, I can not figure out who these two are. I'd immediately assume Krishna (blue) but with the snake around his shoulder, I'd guess Vishnu. (Okay, they're almost the same person, but they're significantly different.) I wish it was a better view of the one on the right, because they look so feminine, that it really makes me curious as to who it is. That, and I'm not really sure who sports a snake buddy and a trident, so I need more clues.

My fringe shorts are late on arriving, but they should show up tomorrow. I won a button-up on ebay (after being outbid at the literal last second on a pair of gorgeous palazzo pants I needed in my life) and am wondering if they'll go together. I actually sort of have this imaginary outfit planned out and if the top goes with the shorts, then I'll be very pleased. I'll then be looking out for a big black floppy hat and will be buying a certain bronze crow skull ring I've had my eye on for a while, and to finish I'll be fixing up my favourite black boots. I've been having this weird urge to dress up like some late 60s era voodoo witch doctor lately -- but, you know, tasteful.

So it was probably fated that I discovered this band via The Colbert Report this week:

I think I need a mod-style little black dress now.


  1. Love all the crystals! I am a fan.

    I am hosting an aztec shorts giveaway if you're interested!
    strawberry freckleface

  2. Hey lady, yes I do follow her. Her style is great!
    I'm glad you're into these shorts as much as I am!

    strawberry freckleface

  3. wowow, windowed comment box :9

    I'm pretty sure you can turn the garnet into a pendant. You know those little metal things on the top of Christmas ornaments? I'm pretty sure they come in small sizes for jewelery too. Or you could bounce around Etsy or something for some ideas. Or take it to a jeweler, but that would probably be expensive :(

    I think the tile might just be Hindu-inspired, instead of depicting something specific :I

  4. The tile is Shiva and Parvati (his wife) :D