Monday, June 20, 2011

33; Déjà Vu (Snake Skin Remix)

Top: Crystallized Vintage on Ebay • Shorts: Thrifted DIY • Belt: Etsy Vintage • Shoes:

It's the revenge of the snake skin print, apparently. ♥

Also, I'm super in love with these shoes. They're the same height heel-wise as my Ednas (y'know, the brown Victorian ones from Maurices) but since they're platform, my foot isn't bending quite as much, so they're much more comfortable. I'm also surprised at how nice they look. Buying from Wholesale-Dress makes me nervous, considering I ordered a shirt there and received one that was significantly different...same colour, same basic style, but where it has open-shouldered sleeves, it was supposed to have a braided sort of thing going up most of the sleeve, up to the shoulder, where it would poke out. After having something else sent to me, I didn't shop there again until one of my black boots began falling apart and I wanted to get a back-up pair of black shoes. (Also, I felt I needed something a little more summer-y.)

Also, made an impulse buy when I was on Forever21's website yesterday, because I discovered these black denim cut off shorts...with fringe:

Did you catch that bit? With fringe! How awesome are these things? I can't wait until I get the shipment confirmation email -- and better yet, I can't wait until they reach home and I can wear them. I just hope I bought the right size...


  1. love your style!!!!!!! def following!

  2. Those BOOTIES! They're absolutely beautiful, and totally badass. And I love the snake print.