Sunday, June 12, 2011

30; Dark Lotus Mantra

Top: Insight • Shorts: DIY • Vest: Thrifted DIY • Boots: Etsy Vintage

Took this last week. Unfortunately, one of my boots is actually falling apart! I have some very awesome and reliable glue to fix it with, but it smells so horrible when wet that I'm kind of slacking off on the job. I'll get around to it eventually.

Also this is the vest that I bought forever ago and talked about studding and cutting up. I went into work the day these were taken to walk Kathryn home, and a co-worker likened me to 'a Breakfast Club character.' Perhaps if she were George Harrison inspired, then I agree.

Kathryn and I went into Boston yesterday for the annual Gay Pride fest, and I even wore an outfit that I wanted to make an outfit post of. Unfortunately, the weather was absolutely miserable and it just wasn't a good day to take many pictures. In fact, of all the pictures I did take, I didn't take any of the actual fest. It was cold, rainy, there were tons of people, and there just wasn't a ton of things to photograph. There were vendor booths (with a couple of big name companies like Bank of America and such, though some seemed like they were just there to sell their products or for advertisement) and a stage with either some performers, or drag queens. If I'd wanted to take a photo of some queens, I would have had two seconds of visibility before people would have gotten in my way. When Kathryn and I had decided we wanted to head out, I'd finally remembered that I had a camera stuffed into my bag. Thus I have shots of the train ride, when we hit Starbucks after growing bored of the fest, and everything afterward.

Luckily, we found a booth for the Hare Krishna Temple of Boston. We tried to look for them over a year ago (with no address, but heresay instead) to no avail. I now have a business card of theirs with an address and days they are open for 'free feast, chanting and dancing.' I'm quite excited! At this same booth there was a man doing henna tattoos, and was kind enough to let me buy one of his packets of henna ink. I also bought two books from them for really cheap. Probably the highlight of my day.


More shots on my LiveJournal and Facebook
(Yeah, I still play Pokémon. I'm not afraid to be judged.)

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