Thursday, December 13, 2012

104; Unplug the Jukebox

Top: c/o ROMWE • Leggings: local small biz Modelo • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Stevie • Earrings: Francesca's

Easiest outfit possible. Oversized shirt, and leggings. I feel like I'm cheating some sort of system, but it just works. (Especially if you're petite like me. IRL, being the height of a child, this looks especially ridic.) I love clothes for shapes and proportions, and one of my favourite things to do is to wear something comically oversized on top with something form fitting for the legs. And, duh, I love doing this even more when there's visual-impairing neons involved. It's like the 80s glam and 90s grunge had some horrible, wonderful child.

I really love ROMWE for catering to such awesome styles, btdubs. Plus their printed leggings are the bomb. They make these outfits just TOO easy to do.

She Blinded Me With Science


Grateful Dead

Kick Ass

A Girl's Best Friend

Electric Chapel

Diamond Dogs

I'm currently treating this horrible ailment called "life" with a graturious application of Adam Ant. I'm due for today's dose.


  1. awesome stuff from the store... I'm really petite as well so I definitely know what you mean.. love this volcanic ensemble, it's both 80s and 90s in a really cool fusion kind of way.. epic style

  2. ahhhhhh kat!!!! i fucking love you! this is so perfect! " It's like the 80s glam and 90s grunge had some horrible, wonderful child." omg yes! my mind just exploded! that's like exactly how i have been dressing lately and didn't know how to describe it haha XD <3333333

  3. it's aint trickin if you got it! this combo works so well lady!
    Hybrid Hunter