Thursday, December 20, 2012

105; Sugarless GiRL (aka New Do; aka End of the World Eve?)

Jacket: TJ Maxx • Sweater: second-hand • Shorts: c/o Sugarlips Apparel • Shoes: Sam Edelman • Tights: JCPenny + DIY • Shortest + longest necklaces: c/o Vaness Mooney • Medicine pouch necklace: Salem, MA

Will this be my last post? Will we live to see Saturday? Is the world truly doomed to disaster come the dawn of Friday, the 21st? Does anyone really care anymore? (Though if the world does come to a sudden, jarring end, it means I don't have to show up for work...)

Oh yes, check out my hair! While I loved my previous hairstyle, I decided it was time for something new. I miss having symmetrical shaggy hair, plus I wanna rock the androgynous look for a little bit. I guess this is something vaguely like a pixie cut? I have no idea. I'm too lazy to Google it and compare.

I nearly kinda cried when I saw that Vanessa Mooney had sent me a package of jewels. "Ermagerd" is probably the most appropriate and accurate summation of my reaction once I realised what was newly in my possession -- except with, I will admit, much more uncontrolable exclaimation.

And of course, appropriate gloating gratitude was expressed on Instagram the moment it happened.

So these shorts are pretty awesome. Snake print cut outs? Uh, yes please, and thank you. Sugarlips Apparel always has amazing stuff don't they?

You could make some seriously great gothic get-ups (see what I did there?) with their pieces, as well as some beautiful boho outfits. I hope to continue working with their clothes because I get freaking whiplash just from the inspiration I get looking at their clothes. I'm surprised at how well the brand is doing, sourcing out to places like Nasty Gal, Macy's, Nordstrom... How awesome is that!

Head's up, remember when I talked about Geek USA, who sent me that beautiful vintage dress? The owner is running a huge moving sale, everything 50% off! Go check it out -- sale ends on January 1st!

Gotta cut this post short and wrap some presents, then I have a date with some 90s sitcoms on Netflix. #FraiserMarathon4Lyf

Also the nonsensical title totally means something, I assure you:

This song plagues my life in the most wonderful way.

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