Friday, December 7, 2012

103; Spirituality

 The City top: c/o Crash & Burn Apparel • Maxi dress: c/o SheInside • Shoes: Arizona Jean Co. via JCPenny • Tikka: Uma • Vintage Vishnu necklace: birthday gift via Etsy • Poison earrings & Azaria Diamond Necklace: c/o Vanessa Mooney

I had been without internet for about a week and a half -- rather, I should say I have been without wifi functioning on the router. It was uh, quite the headache. Alas, I am back. (With a cold. Awesome.)

I am so fascinated with this top that my friends at Crash & Burn Apparel sent me; it just hangs so beautifully and the cut of it is so quirky. I have actually worn this specific outfit a LOT since they sent this top to me a couple of months ago, and I've also styled it with other pieces, and it kills me to refrain from just doing like, two or three style posts in a row with it -- but I will practice my self-discipline. That isn't to say that you won't see this top on the blog ever again. FAR from it.

This outfit is kind of...spiritual? I'm wearing a lot of personally spiritual items like the tikka, the evil eye bracelet, the vintage Vishnu necklace, the Om Mani Padme Hum thumb ring, plus the Azaria Diamond necklace from Vanessa Mooney is very Eastern styled. Later after these photos were taken, I found a man renting out a cart at the mall selling stuff from Nepal, and Kathryn and I spoke with him for something like two hours about Hinduism. I bought myself a Tibetan prayer box pendant, which you will see pretty soon. He was a pretty awesome guy!

I have to say, I'm gonna miss wearing this tikka -- because I've cut my hair today! I have two other outfits to get posted here so I guess you'll have to wait and see what it looks like once I've taken photos of myself with my new do. (Unless you're buddies with me on Facebook, then the surprise has already been spoiled for you.)

I also need to point out my eye makeup -- Urban Decay's Evidence (blue) and Deeper (brown) blended with some eyeshadows from Mark whose names I don't know. LOOOVE.

Now I'm gonna go reheat my frozen Indian dinner and put Netflix on. This cold sucks.

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