Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas/Yule/Holiday!

Duuude, guess what I scored? Jeffrey Campbell Stevie! One of the wonderful gifts I got this Christmas morning. (This is why Kathryn is amazing.) I am still struggling with what I should wear to the party involving these.

Share your haul! What did you get this holiday? ♥


  1. good lord, they are BRILLIANT !!!!

  2. Love them! I've been lusting over Jeffrey Campbell heels for ages; they look gorgeous!

  3. ♥ I'm so glad you like them and that they're so easy for you to walk in! Worth every penny considering they look like they'll last, too. ;)

    I'd share what I got, but you know already xD Though incidentally: thank you for all the nice gifts you got me!

  4. ogod! wear these soon!!!! best wishes to you and Kathryn for the new year! x

  5. i'm so jealous, i've had my eye on them for awhile now! don't know what party you're going to (assuming New Years) but you should totally rock a velvet dress or lace! also, so glad I found your blog, I'm LOVING your could be Madeline's (of Jean Greige blog) twin, stylewise, which is always a good thing, I adore her. I tend to ramble, so keep that in mind for future comments, as you've got a new follower here :)

    Beneath the Glass

  6. OH MY GOD! Lucky girl. I can't wait to see how you style them!

  7. Beneath the Glass; thanks so much! And you're not the first one to call out a likeness between Madeline and I; I find it flattering, but a little worrying: I hope I don't look like a copycat! :(

    Haha, don't worry, I love comments with substance. I appreciate it; thank you again! ♥

    Quinn; wayyy lucky, I kind of don't feel like deserve them! I don't think I'm cool enough for these shoes, yet.

    You'll see them in my next post...!