Tuesday, December 13, 2011

66; Cancel My Subscription to the Resurrection

Top: thrifted • Red bustier: Sparkle and Fade (Urban Outfitters) • Jeans: Eyeshadow • Shoes: Etsy • Ruana: Staring at Stars (Urban Outfitters) • Headband: borrowed • Earrings and choker: Hyannis, Cape Cod • Ear cuff: Ebay • Necklace: Forever21 • Bracelet: Waloosi's, North Leominster

Adam Ant meets Jim Morrison.

These photos can not possibly suggest how cold it was when they were taken, and I'm not entirely sure that words can, either. Granted, it was 43 degrees at the time -- which isn't terrible -- but with the overpowering wind we've been having for the past few days, wind chill was at 31. Degrees. Fahrenheit. As in below freezing. (Kathryn was worse off than me; she had just showered and hadn't dried her hair. I don't know how she didn't die.) Alas, taking photos inside wasn't an option (we have the worst windows for sunlight; the only well-lit room in the house in terms of natural light is the kitchen) and I haven't figured out how to make my photos come out less-than-shitty with artificial light.

The best summation of what this time of the year is like where I live is probably this video.

And the best summation for how Kathryn and I act, possibly.

And despite all of the icy, whipping wind, we actually came out with a ton of great shots! I initially narrowed it down to twenty, and it took me forever to get it down to this. I feel so vain.

Another thing about the wind: it did a number on my hair. It looked way cooler before the breeze got to it:

I know you guys dig my plushie collection back there. I am such an adult.

Basically the same, but a lot more boost. the wind kept yanking it up and throwing it back down on my head, and it lost most of its height. Turns out Aussie brand hairspray doesn't hold up. Y'know, unless you don't move. You get what you pay for when you depend on Target for your beauty needs.

And while I'm just spamming you guys with random stuff because I'm extremely bored, I wanted to further my point from earlier on during my 'ohh it's so cold here' tangent and how Kathryn's Norwegian blood makes her immune to the cold (apparently):

SHE IS INSANE. Also check her out. I think her waist is smaller than mine by like, an inch or two. HOW.

I think we need to bully her into starting a fashion blog, because this outfit was so adorable. Or maybe I'll start a fashion blog for her and post for her, as well...because that doesn't sound creepy, right?

So leave a comment and start bugging her. ♥


  1. Yay! I love this poncho. Ape thing! It's lovely on you. I also like the headband you're sporting. Ugh I hate what wind does to hair. That s why I dislike walking to school. Your shoes are rad, too.

  2. I love your entire outfit! Your poncho is great and I love your crochet top; all of it works so well!!

  3. aaaa loving the poncho :)


  4. wonderful look!


  5. You have a very own unique style. Some of the people won't understand it, but I love it. Great blogging, keep it up!

    I would love if you could visit my blog and maybe even comment! Until then... Happy holidays!


    Rock 'n Style

  6. love your eyeliner... and your ruana... i didn't even know that was what that was called haha