Sunday, September 30, 2012

96; Trip to Valhalla

Top: Darkness + Dawn Vest + leggings c/o Romwe Creepers: Demonia via eBay Axe earrings + studded bracelet: Spencer's Spike bracelet: Newbury Comics Shades: Payless Shoe Source (NO SHAME) Tattoo choker: The Cobra Snake

This is a second top that I purchased from Darkness + Dawn; it's taken me for freaking ever to wear it/post it on this blog because 1. I got super lazy about DIYing it to how I envisioned, and once I did, I couldn't think of an inventive way of how to wear it. I love their shirts, as does Kathryn. She probably wears my Egyptian tank more often than I do! That thief.

Also, these leggings? Pure liquid awesome, and they're still in stock in all sizes if you dig and want a pair. My legs are a funny shape so they go loose from the knee down but THEY ARE THOR LEGGINGS. I AM THE GOD OF THUNDER AND ACID-DROPPING. Maybe that's what I will change my blog name to.

Today is the last day of Boston Fashion Week and I didn't end up attending, but I do have lots of coverage(?) of Friday and Saturday complete with iPhone photos and stuff I will nick off of Instagram (with appropriate credit) that I will be posting up on here soon...and two outfits, of course.

In other news, I finally figured out my sewing machine! And I am thinking about making experimental stuff! That I might sell, maybe. I'm going to start with kimonos because they seem somewhat easy and good for beginner sewing, y'know? I have some'll see. ♥

Until then, just gonna just leave some derpy test shots for you guys plus some experimental editing.

I am hot stuff, ohh yes.


  1. THIS IS ISABEL HENDRIX'S COMMENT that she emailed me saying that Blogger was being a jerk about posting it. Stupid Blogger!

    "oh my god you are the best.
    also, fun fact about YOU. You know how you are an aspiring model? yeah well you can tell because unlike my photos and some other ppls you do something different in like every shot and you look not awkward. GAH! jealousy.
    also, fuck, you complete me. i want you to move here already, like seriously, SO BADLY. you would love it, and you could totally afford it. come heeeereeee. Dude, cheap studio apartments in ktown, you and kathryn could rent for like 700 bucks a month ish, and then like you can both FOR SURE get jobs because theres tons of jobs to be had. and we can hang out all the time. and everything will be perfect, so come please, NOW!!!!! NOWWWWWWWW.

    i seriously mean all of this. please come here. now, ok?


  2. dang girl you ARE hot stuffff!! also agree with Iz. also also: 'THE GOD OF THUNDER AND ACID-DROPPING' this proves you need to move here. we could rule thunder and drop acid togethaaaaaaa. ps whatever camera you use is fucking awesome. these pictures are crystal clear. i just got some new lens for my camera and am lovin' em so muuuuchhhh.

    i am really really tempted to buy that shirt cuz it'd look gr8 with ma purple hair. move here before i kill u in ur sleep (and Kathryn will watch).

  3. THIS IS PERFECT OH MY GOD. I love this outfit so so much and you look amazing!!


  4. These leggings are so awesome!

  5. Ugh, with this outfit I LOVE the shots of you from up above on the stairs, it really shows off your hair and how rad your roots were being at that point in time. Even if you sometimes feel like your hair is static and stays the same in style, trust me, just the changing lengths and shades and eventual 'salt and pepper' look of your roots means it always looks a tiny bit different, at least to me!

    And you and your muscle pose, ehehe. <3 Best earring choice for the theme of this outfit, by the way.

    Have I ever mentioned I feel bad for never commenting here? I always have to log you out and log myself in on this thing and blogger confuses me! Also the captchas. D: But hey, I love you and I do like giving you unnecessary feedback ♥ CAN I BE YOUR INTERNET FRIEND TOO?