Saturday, September 22, 2012

95; Hotel Yorba

Dress c/o SheInside ☯ Flannel + Velvet boots: Arizona Jean Co. via JCPenny ☯ Trucker Cap: Billabong via PacSun ☯ Azaria Diamond Necklace c/o Vanessa Mooney ♥ ☯ Crescent necklace: Waloosi's Emporium ☯ Hamsa bottle + Hindu prayer ring: The Magic Parlor, Salem MA ☯ Coffin nail earrings: Black Water Siren ☯ Coin belt: thrifted back in Arizona

This outfit is so bizarre, but so fun. I imagine this is the outfit of a girl who wears her boyfriend's (or manlier girlfriend's? Hey she could be a lesbian too) stuff. Similar yet different compared to the last time I wore this dress, huh? I mentioned in that post how it's difficult (in the sense that it's a healthy challenge) to try to wear a maxi dress...because I am one to take multiple crazy pieces and put them togther into something semi-coherent, but having one whole entity feels too boring for me. I actually came up with a whole second outfit that carries a whole different vibe by just ditching the hat and changing the over shirt! (Same shoes, too, though only mainly for the JC Stevies or my cowboy booties would work just as well.) Suddenly I'm finding alternatives very easily and it feels very rewarding to be able to reuse pieces as such -- mainly because I can't afford to revamp my wardrobe every year with the rushing swarms of trends. I am bone broke, people!

So it means so much to me when I get the occasional email from a company offering to send me an item or two. I pour a lot of energy, money, and time into this little spot on the Information Superhighway and without income except peer responses. Company collaborations are the only "income" I ever see!

Thus I want to talk about how freaking amazing the people at Vanessa Mooney were to send me their jewelry. I typically pass up jewelry for clothes when shopping because that's how my brain is wired, and since their stuff arrived, I have been constantly wearing their jewels. (I am wearing the Poison Earrings as I type this, legit!) This is one of my faaavourite necklaces of theirs. I keep seeing beautiful teasers of their upcoming collection on Instagram and I just throw my phone down every time and whine like a banshee, because the wait is PAINFUL. (Dudes, I keep seeing a coffin ring with a pentagram. I am going to agonise if it's not part of their next collection. Because it is literally perfect.)

I leave you with a wonderful song.


  1. Obsessed with all your jewelry! I love this look. Also, you're beautiful

    <3 Melissa

  2. i'm in love with your blog and all your looks AND with the fact that you seem like you're a good person.
    which is dumb of me to say just judging from your blog, but whatever - i enjoy your posts! keep it up :) xx

  3. I agree with Nora, you do seem like you're a good person :) anyway, good work at changing the vibe of the dress, takes some skill to do that. I'd find a maxi dress extremely difficult to style, probs a good thing I'm not really into them for myself haha.