Monday, May 21, 2012

88; You'd Better Run

Sweater: Decree via JC Penny • Maxi dress worn as a duster: thrifted • Denim cutoffs: thrifted Abercrombie & Fitch (I know right?) • Boots: ALDO shoes • Harley-Davidson beanie: convenience store • Belt: gift from my girl Isabel Spectre! • Evil eye harness: eBay

Damn, this was the first day in a while where I happened to have a day off from work during nice weather. All of my days have been falling on cold, rainy weather, which is part of my lack of outfit posts. Not having a car means having to walk around to get places, and I refuse to get all gussied up if I'm just going to be bundled up in my weatherproof winter coat all day, possibly getting rained on. Screw that, I'll just wear jeans and some ugly sweaters in that case.

I regretted not having flowers in my bootlaces, something I adore seeing, so after these were taken, I promptly hit the local Jo-Ann's and bought a three dollar bundle of fakes. I really wish I'd been able to get them before taking these photos, but whatever. It's not as if I'll never take outfit photos again!

My favourite aspect of this outfit above all is the maxi skirt, used as a duster. The fabric is so damn light and flowy, that it flies up behind me while I walk, and it catches even the gentlest breeze. It looks freaking magical, especially with my hair colour. Aww yeah.

Hey hey, on another note, I'm up in another contest with PLNDR to assist-style for an upcoming photoshoot with them! Since, y'know, I'm a fashion blogger and all, I figure this is right up my alley, and since I'm a hop, skip, and a jump away from their headquarters, it's almost insultingly perfect for me!

Click here to vote (must like their Facebook page; sorry if it's a pain! I WILL RETURN THE FAVOUR?), you can vote once per day until the contest ends!

Off topic: anyone see the Avengers? OH MY GOD HAVEN'T BEEN SO EXCITED ABOUT A MOVIE SINCE...I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER. I am very and wholeheartedly seriously considering making a Loki inspired outfit. I have horns that I bought at King Richard's Faire last fall. I...I think I need to make this happen. Will you guys judge me? Yeah, that's okay.


Song reference, kinda obsessed at the moment:


  1. love your blog, im definitely following now, stay in touch xx

  2. great pictures, i love your hair colour atm! and your maxi skirt looks like cape, i like itttt :))))))

    rebecca x

  3. This outfit is so lovely! I am totally in love with the open maxi dress! Gorgeous :) x

  4. gorgeous hair!!

  5. Good luck with the competition, I'm going to vote for you now!! Isn't feeling magical such a nice feeling?