Wednesday, May 9, 2012

86; Permanent Vacation

Jacket: thrift • Top: eBay vintage • Shorts: Crystalized Vintage • Biker shorts + earrings: DIY • Boots: ALDO • Belt + elephant necklace: Etsy vintage • Nose chain: DRONE SOCIETY • Mala beads: eBay

Kathryn was confused when she saw me editing these photos. "Haven't you worn that look already?" I told her I hadn't on the blog, that I only wore this shirt in a blog-featured outfit once before. "Only once? I feel like you've worn this outfit a lot more often than that." It's because I have; this is basically what I live in right now. Kathryn has seen me in this outfit (or some variation of) so much that when I got dressed this day, grabbed the camera, and told her I needed outfit photos, her reply was, "sure; what're you going to wear? Oh...that?" Not in a bad way, but in surprise that something I was wearing so frequently warrented photos. I've also worn this with the American Rebel muscle tee and Aztec blue and red poncho, and with a black slightly oversized leather jacket. It still floors me some days how shifting one or two accessories can really affect an outfit.

By the way, how crazy freaking awesome is this nose chain? I had to do some slight alterations so that the chain would be on the side of my face where my hair isn't. (I also took the fringe danglies off of the actual nose hoop because they were constantly tickling my upper lip and it was a bizarre feeling.) I want the matching ruby tikka WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING.

I also need to address the biker shorts. I really do love wearing shorty-shorts every day that I can, but some pairs that I own just make me feel really freaking uncomfortable. Usually perpetuated by me just feeling all-around awkward some days, the crotch-harrassment from the stiff denim, or the butt-harrassment from the stiff denim makes me pass up these kinds of shorts when getting dressed, and I hated it. So my solution? Shorts underneath shorts, and it is so comfortable! I folded the legs up a little so it didn't look stupid, and bam, makes my favourite shorts even more perfect.

Man, still on the subject of these shorts, does anyone remember Crystalized Vintage? Disarming Darling's old vintage store? Damn I loved it when it was running last year. I remember seeing these shorts on her blog and going, "THOSE ARE MINE," before they were even up on her eBay store. It was also deceptively easy to win them too, considering the bidding wars I had seen on everything else in her store. I was just tiny enough to warrant the right to own them (ie. fit into them), thus cementing the concept that we were meant to be together.

So I really need to stop pigging out, because I can barely fit into them anymore.

Title ref. Don't judge until you've listened to it, then get back to me:


  1. If this is a regular outfit for you, then you sure do have a cool uniform! I adore this outfit, and I love the lipstick you're wearing too.

  2. I love the cycling shorts under the denim shorts:) jewellery is awesome as usually :) xx

    rebecca x

  3. ummm yesss i totally remember crystallized. I was about to say that I missed it, but obviously Tunnel Vision fills that void. gahhh fashion blogger's shops are the best. like this outfit, and the nose chain!! so dope!!

  4. girl, u are amaaaazing. love this! <3

  5. That nose chain, ohhhhh my goodness, I LOVE IT.

  6. NOSE CHAIN!!!!! Love it!!! Shorts under shorts?!? YES! Your just so great! <3