Saturday, February 25, 2012

75; Hitchhiker in Bangladesh


Top: Wasteland • Pants: thrifted • Jacket: Delias • Belt: Rennaisance Faire • Shoes + vintage turquoise earcuff: Ebay • Shades: Gypsy Warrior • Claw earrings: Little Sister Designs, Etsy • Backpack: Kathmandu Imports

Ahh, I have so many points I want to bring up in thist post!

1. Looking a little bit like Joey Ramone in these glasses, huh? I don't know what it is, maybe my hair?

2. I have Photoshop again! And it's NOT Elements! I had looots of fun editing these photos, and it reminded me of what I love about photo editing and graphics making, LIKE MY NEW BANNER.

3. My hair! Buzzed the side of it, and now I look like a dyke...but that's okay, because at least I look less like a thirteen year old in real life. I'm thinking of curling the rest of my hair sometime, and see how that turns out.

4. I'll be getting an iPhone soon, so you know what that means? INSTAGRAM POSTS! ♥ Are you stoked? No? That's okay.

5. SOULMATES is still on its way; packaging materials have arrived, and though I'm running a little short on cord for a few pendants, I'm gonna try to get my butt into gear, finish up the photos, and start listing items. I'll announce an official date soon.

6. Are you jelly of my brass claw earrings from L.S.D.? Won 'em on Clothed Cameleon's blog. How unimaginably lucky am I?


  1. Kat! You are so wonderful and inspiring. I am going to break into your house and steal your clothes some time soon. Your hair looks really edgy and fresh and unique! When I mention wanting to dye my hair my friends threaten me, so I will just covet yours if thats okay. I'm still excited for Soul Mates! I hope everything is going well. I am so jelly that you won that giveaway gurl. I hope you have a fab weekend!

  2. Dude. Your hair. Holy COWABUNGA (why have I been incorporating the word cow into every sentence in like the past three days?). I love this outfit so much too. Like what the hell? Bell bottoms and creepers? YES. DOUBLE YES. I feel like Sweet Sour by the Band of Skulls was playing in the back round while you were taking these photos. Please listen to the song and scroll through these photos slowly.. Do it. I think I'm going to use that song if I ever make a video of models wearing Miracle Eye getting off of a motorcycle and taking their helmets off while shaking their hair in slow-mo. Fuck yeah! Now I feel inspired to do that.. I've just gotta steal someone's motorcycle now. Isn't Photoshop the best? I love how addicting editing photos is (sometimes). I've been editing photos of a ton of new designs for the shop all week long so I'm kind of sick of editing, haha.

    I'm so excited for Soulmates!!!!! PS I love that belt.

    1. (Haha this is so late, but I only just figured out how to enable replies, so...yeah!)

      Dude I saw you comment on Madeline's post -- I was pretty nervous when I started bleaching my hair. Don't freak if it comes out a normal gold blonde though, it takes at least two bleaches to start getting light. You'll probably love it though. I mean, I did!

      If you do that, I so wanna be in on styling and whatever. Y'know, if you're ever in the market for that. ♥

      Thanks babe! I've been so bad at keeping up with Soulmates, I think it's the shitty weather up here. There's like, five inches of snow on everything outside; it's sort of my own personal hell right now.

  3. Frigginn love your hair! Those white bell bottoms and the creeps go amazingly together. Can't wait for Soulmates to be up and running!

    xx Jacqueline

  4. grrrrllllllll. get out of towwwwnnnn. that belt, your earrings. you are so cool.

    I cant wait for Soulmates!! WOOOO HOOOOO!

    oh and also,
    NICE banner. I like it a lot.

  5. Holy shit, that belt you're wearing is freaking nice. Yes, yes, Photoshop is seriously my best friend, Illustrator is nice too... but Photoshop is my main gurrl. Oh and I love your hair too. SIGH, looking at all this awesome hair makes me feel so lame, I'm too scared to bleach my hair, it's naturally black.. very thin and not very strong, plus I'm trying to get it as long as possible so I don't know if damaging it would be a good option right now. I miss my pink fringe T_T

  6. Love the glasses and the look in general <3