Saturday, May 18, 2013

Belly Up: Some Navel Ring Selections!

So something awesome happened! I got my navel pierced!

Finally. It's only been a year since I decided on doing this.

And thus begins my spiral down into bar bell (banana bell? belly bell?) mania, where I spend hours shopping online, oogling and aww-ing and gushing over dangly and bejeweled treasures that I want to cram through the recesses of my umbilical scar. (You're welcome for that description, fyi.)

I in fact purchased this little gem, a Baphomet-charmed bar bell that screams with so much significance to me (this is one of my favourite pages going in depth behind the symbolism of the goat in general, for those of you looking for reading material), who I find often making appearances in my life, down to the moments yesterday before the needle plunged through my flesh: as I laid on the bed in the tattoo shop up north in New Hampshire that I refer to as my preferred location, looking at my fiancée's face in nervous excitement, I spotted a framed picture of the 19th century Eliphas Lévi drawing of Baphomet. So when I returned home to start hawkeye-ing my future collection of bar bells, could I really pass up the opportunity to buy the LAST one of these Baphomet charms? (Also it totalled at $11, with shipping.)

Though satisfied as I am, I still can't stop dragging myself through pages and pages of these things, and I've compiled a list of my favourites (so far) from Etsy alone. A few of these are on my watch list, but worry not: some of these listings are multi-quantity! (And holy hell, I am loving the gawdy jeweled cross further down this list.)

Note: these are not for being pierced with! Most places will pierce with their own titanium or surgical steel rings for the four month healing process. Read the descriptions before buying (6th row features a sterling silver ring); I did my best keeping the quality of these choices as high as possible but I do not know if these are internally or externally threaded rings. (Internally threaded are preferred, as they won't try to tear/shred you when putting them in. I would contact the shop owners before hand.)

Expect more of these posts in the future, as I claw through the internet to build up by belly ring collection!


  1. waaaat they r all perfect


    I cant get piercings but ugh i like how the belly botton looks !!

  2. Holy crap.. I'm in LOVE with this jewelry. This is perfect because my jewel fell out and I was bored of that cliche belly button ring anyway!

    PS Love your blog, it's very inspiring! I just started up my own at - Glad I found you! Will be following.