Friday, November 23, 2012

102; Glamabilly

Jacket + skirt: c/o ROMWE ☯ Shirt: thrifted vintage ☯ Bra: The Cultlabel ☯ Demonia Creepers: eBay ☯ Tights: DIY destroyed JCPenny

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Something about this reminds me of the 1950s rockabilly scene, but super glam... So I guess Stray Cats + Madonna. Perhaps it is aided by the old English architecture of New England, so I get this potent mental picture of 1950s Liverpool, with brooding teens in leather jackets and pompadour hairstyles loitering around rotting brick buildings near the shore. Any Beatles fans in the house? Anyone? Anyone?

This, but '80s. (source)
Nevermind that this may very well be Germany but WHATEVER.

But I suppose a french braid isn't a proper substitute for a pompadour.

I have an increasing interest in this sort of style. I kind of have a secret desire to bring this all together in an outfit someday: plaid button up, leather jacket, skinny jeans, creepers, wayfairers, pomp. It will be attempted, surely.

Some inspo on the matter until I get this assembled; I originally saved this to my "future haircut" folder. It seems like this is the obvious next step for my hair when I get tired of it.

 (source: tumblr)

I'll just be over here, sighing longingly, dreaming of this perfect life.


  1. i just can't. love it so much.

  2. you have the most amzing style, hope you check out my blog xx

  3. that outfit is sooo amazing! nice blog btw- u have got a new follower!<3333