Friday, October 26, 2012

99; Optical Sedative

Top, bra, skirt: Pac Sun ☯ Shoes + vintage ear cuff: eBay ☯ Purse: Hot Topic ☯ Coin belt and bone carved bracelet: thrifted ☯ Mahina necklace and Poison earrings: c/o Vanessa Mooney

That Hello Kitty ring is actually a lip gloss ring. I have six of these, in different colours. What is my life.

So yeah, the bulk of this outfit is Pac Sun, everything but the bra from clearance, all bought in the same shopping trip. Bizarre, right? This skirt is a dream; I typically despise denim pencil skirts (or just denim skirts in general) but I tried this in the charcoal variety and was on the fence about it. Tried it again later on despite the fact that they only had blue stone wash, and liked it WAY more. It kind of goes with EVERYTHING. Sweater? Sure. Oversized muscle tee? You bet. Tucked-in long sleeve button up? No problem. I wish every skirt was so perfect.

Also, my DIY bindi business occurred after one serious Sailor Moon nostalgia trip. I now have every single episode in original Japanese subtitled on Kathryn's laptop. Is that weird? Or is it weirder that the crescent moon is a cheap-o kid's sticker earring I won in a set at an arcade in Cape Cod? I have smiley face ones, too. You'll see.


  1. I love the title of this look and your bag is the best and this outfit is perfect!!! <3

  2. I think the denim skirt looks really cute on you, good shopping trip!

  3. sailor mooooon omg. i had a crush on sailor jupiter.

  4. diy bindi business?!??!! yes!!! can't wait

    love it all. especially you.

  5. Oh gosh, all of this is so bright. I've seen this on you tons and I still love it, the neons all go together really well. I really loved doing the shoot for this one, it's been a while since we did a photography session... Although we've been busy and it's cold enough to freeze your left testicle solid, so I guess that's why. Your makeup and bindi REALLY go with everything in this outfit, although I feel like the necklace is too...dark/saturated, a bit? Eh.

    More blogs! :D

  6. Hey there! This is completely random but I love it so much - any chance you'd sell your Vanessa Mooney necklace for $100? Please email me if interested!