Friday, October 5, 2012

97; Outer Space, it's a Lovely Place

Top: Topshop ☯ Pants: American Apparel ☯ Creepers: Demonia via eBay ☯ Earrings c/o Vanessa Mooney ☯ Choker: Spencer's Gifts ☯ Crescent: Waloosi's Emporium ☯ Bracelet: Wasteland

First Fashion Week outfit. Figured it looked appropriately preppy and accidentally kinda goth-y since the requirement was "wear all black." It was incredibly difficult to find all of my black pieces and make a coherent outfit, because I never wear all one color in an outfit.

Damn, I feel like I keep doing something wrong lately. I typically don't focus on things like how many followers I have or how many hypes my outfits get, because whatever, it doesn't mean a whole lot. That's not the point of fashion blogging. It never bugged me...until I noticed that once I stopped being a major slacker and started posting to this thing again, and noticed that my response is significantly lacking compared to what it used to be. Do my outfits suck? Do I not say interesting things? Are people just opening accounts and dropping them the moment they log off? (There are a lot of dead accounts on Lookbook...) It's just a little disheartening to see some amount of "success" fizzle out so quickly. I know they're just numbers, but they tell me how well I'm received. Lately it seems to be not great, and it makes me sad. Everyone else seems to be climbing the ladder, and I appear to be descending it. Eh, I've just been feeling kind of insecure about quite a few things lately, I guess.

But I'm just going to do what I've been doing: appreciating what I get, and keep posting...because that's why I'm here. And I do have to note that what little response I do get seems to be overwhelming support. That keeps me going.

I can't make a truly sensible post tonight. I have tiramisu waiting in the fridge and my fianceé waiting in bed for one-on-one time. Later, gators. ♥

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  1. I am in love with those liquid leggings :)

  2. Seriously, you are the epitome of cool <3

    The Lovelorn

  3. dude, no biggie if you are "falling" in numbers because of these reasons:
    1) internet is mostly full of stupid people
    2) you are loosing lame followers and keeping/gaining the good ones
    3) madeline is also loosing followers
    4) you are fucking rad.

  4. i agree with everything isabel said :) and i love this look. l o v e i t. i want that top! soooo awesome you gorgeous lil goth grrl! xo

  5. ugh, i feel you on this. I mean, I haven't been blogging for that long and I'm not using lookbook so I don't know what it's like to be successful, but damn it's hard! People just don't know good outfits when they see them. I on the other hand do, and I love this all black ensemble even if it's not quite your usual.

  6. Dunno if it's your re-coloring or not, but a lot of these feel tinted very faintly with purple and with the black-and-silver coloring of the outfits, it looks really cool and subtle. Might just be an acid flashback of mine though. ;) [Had to explain that LSD being stored in your spine is a government lie, to one of my clients yesterday. Oh, it's a great job.]

    A few of the framings look really neat with the silver moon necklace against a sea of black.

    And it's easy to lose peoples' interst online! If they're online more thn you they migrate fast if things slow down on something they're following, but it doesn't mean your skills are lacking! You got caught up in Life for a while there, and that's fine. I'm glad you're embracing your hobby again though, just don't let it become too much of an obligation or a chore! (Or let it become a small, part-time job that you enjoy - whatever works best for you! Goodness knows you do make a fair amount of 'pay' via clothes and jewelry, after all. :) And all the awesome friends I know you've been making through this hobby of yours. ♥)