Thursday, August 30, 2012

94; Malleus Maleficarum

Stained glass dress: c/o Romwe Vest: Romwe Creepers: Demonia (eBay) Choker: Cobra Shop Fishnets: Hot Topic Bracelets: miscelaneous Necklace and earrings: c/o Vanessa Mooney

Kathryn and I agreed that I look like the protagonist anti-hero from a late 90s vampire movie with Catholic symbolism/undertones/basically "Constantine" but more "Matrix." (Wait, isn't Keanu Reeves in both of those movies? WEIRD.) When you put a leather vest-trenchcoat with a stained glass church window dress, I guess that just happens.

So I was graciously gifted this by Romwe -- y'all know who they are! -- and what the deal is, is that they let me pick what I want to be sent. I have no idea what is up with this dress but I had to have it. This dress just glows with colour, between the firey red and electric turquoise. It's so intense and eyecatching! I also had a pair of leggings sent to me, and you'll be seeing those next. They're insane. They're carrying quite a few of these awesome print-screened items, and they're really amazing!

 And now you can tell how short I am in comparison to how short the dress is on this model, and how long it is on me. Weeping.

The heart-breakingly beautiful jewelry was given to me by the lovely people at Vanessa Mooney. I was on my way home from a butt-bustingly exhausting ride home from the Cape, I'd been up since 3am and had been moving non-stop, when I saw their email telling me they wanted to send me jewelry. I opened the .pdf on my iPhone and freaked out. "NO FREAKING WAY," I thought. This is just half of what they sent me, and Instagram buddies probably saw the photo with the other two necklaces that came in the package. I am wearing everything constantly, in fact I think I first wore this necklace specifically to go out to McDonald's for a snack. #memories

I can't fathom their jewelry. Come Christmas, I'll probably beg and whine for people to buy me more of their stuff. And to be honest, I'll be buying some myself.

VM, don't ever stop being perfect, okay?

Sooo I might be changing the name of this blog in the near future. I get bored with the same name after too long. Our names on the internet are our identities, and as you can clearly see, mine is pretty fluid.

I'm going to give it a few weeks, mull it over, do some more reasearch, and all that. I won't change it on you guys overnight -- don't want you checking your dashboards and thinking "who the hell is that? When did I start following them?" Nah, you'll know when it's coming...I hope.

Title reference -- yeah, not quite the obvious!


  1. dude, YES. is that necklace MADE TO GO WITH THAT DRESS?!?! omg. I love this SO MUCH.

    dude, what are your thoughts on blog names?? I'm excited for the change, it is always refreshing to change up your blog a bit and make it more"you". okbut4real. this post blows my mind. what an outfit, WHAAT an outfit.. ok, can you and Kathryn move here already? wahhh. also fokyah for you getting shit sent to you from VM and romwe! you rock. you da bomb, you daaaaserve it.

  2. you are flipp'n perfection in that there dress! damn grrl! and your makeup is killn me!!!

  3. that dress is amazing & thats so cool they sent you jewelry!! vanessa mooney is perfection. lucky!

    Forever Fashionably Late