Friday, August 17, 2012

92; Addicted to Love


sweater: Old Navy ☯ bustier and purse: Hot Topic ☯ jeans: thrifted DIY ☯ Docs: eBay ☯ tattoo choker: the Cobra Shop ☯ leather choker: Spencer's ☯ Native American malachite earrings: flea market ☯ belt: Etsy • biker shorts: DIY

I think I seriously rock overgrown roots. My hair always looks the best when I've let my roots come in, and I mean like, two months of rootage here. Especially with this outfit, where I look like a sixteen year old girl trying so hard to be hardcore, but all she has is her ex-biker mom's older clothes and a slim-picking thrift store downtown. Is that...oddly specific? I love stories okay.

I can't even describe how old these photos are. I have one other outfit set taken back in late July for Naag Panchami on the backburner, as well. It's been a blur of work, exhaustion, and sleep. Wasted most of my summer on working and being pretty brain dead. A select few of you people might recall this Formspring video answer I made where I explain how Kathryn and I met through the geekiest of means, IE. a roleplay group online? Yeah I might've gotten back into that business, and that's taken up some free time as well. I think I've written novel-lengths of text in the past three months, holy crap. Old hobbies die hard, man.

So I ceased proper functioning and Kathryn got a breakthrough at her job ($$$ if you catch my drift), so I suddenly didn't have this pressure to make as much money as possible for our necessities, and we decided I'm gonna cut back on work a little and return back to my hobbies. BLOGGING INCLUDED. SPECIFICALLY BLOGGING. I'd like to say that in my time not blogging I've still been looking fab but not really, not at all. I haven't even had the energy to dress nicely just because. It's been depressing!

And I've been lost without my beautiful blogger babes to fawn over and chat with, I can't even describe. I need to like, trade cell phone numbers for texting times. I am like, miles left behind in the dust and I am floored that my blog reader count hasn't dropped. You people are fucking perfect beings, okay? I love all of ya. No, seriously.

I have some other outfit ideas lined up, some collaborations to show you, and before you know it, fall will be here and this will become The New England Winter Clothing Marathon until May 2013 AREN'T YOU STOKED. (Because I certainly am not.) And I hope to volunteer at Boston Fashion Week at the end of September, so...!

--WOW KATHRYN JUST REMINDED ME what the fuck ever happened to Soulmates?! I can not wait until I have more hours in a day to live, this is going to be mindblowing.


  1. ;w; I feel you--I find that having the anticipation of blogging/otherwise committing to a ~public~ forum inspires me to take care of myself and practice basic hygiene/dress more than if I were just doing research in the dark alone. Have you considered using dailybooth or some other photoblog platform to commit to a daily look and caption style of blogging to rev up for full entries?

    P.S., that bag th0.

  2. Love the purse :) Very grungey aesthetic
    keep up the good work cool girl

  3. welcome back! i hope to see more of your awesome aesthetic choices in the near future. and soulmates, yeah, more of that please.

  4. ahh I am so glad that you are back kat and am feeling better. No joke, you are one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to blogging and I love just how open you are to your readers, it really does show and I appreciate it :D

    continue blogging :D

    rebecca x

  5. wow, your hair looks very nice*_* love your style!:)

  6. Ohh I am glad you're back! Cos this outfit is cute as and I've missed your style! It's great that you've got things back on track and that you're not having to work so hard, I know that can be a bitch.

  7. You're the cutest. Glad you're back and can't wait to see what you post in the near future!

  8. Life can definitely easily get in the way of blogging. I've been struggling to keep up lately. Work is killing me, and I'm not even there full time. When you're not passionate about something, actually I kind of hate that job, it's not easy :( Anyway, enough of my ranting, your outfit is great, and I love that bag. SO cute!

  9. yayyy blogginggggg moreee!!

    you are seriously wonderful and i love that you and kathryn met through role playing. how perfect.

    your hair looks BOMB!!!

  10. aaah thank GOD you're back!! :D
    and i swear, before i even scrolled down to the text, i was like "roots are actually looking FINE on that girl"! :))

  11. love this rock style in connection with this sweet bag! <3