Thursday, March 28, 2013

BONE BROKE ☠ A Title Has Been Chosen

BONE BROKE -- a phrase representing the phenomenon when you are so lacking in monetary funds, you are reduced to the bare minimum of what sustains you, what holds you upright. Just as well, bones are free of cost (in dollars, at least).

At 6.15 yesterday morning, I grabbed my iPhone to see any urgent push notifications awaiting my tired eyes, where I was kindly alerted that my paycheck had been deposited into my bank account. Awesome, right? Woo-hoo, money, the green that makes the world go round.

And mine stopped.

I've been getting abysmal hours at work, literally half of what my boss told my landlord I was being given when she called him up for the apartment application review back in December. I stared down at the deposit amount on the brightly lit phone's screen in my dark bedroom. I didn't have enough money. If I pay my rent, my phone can't get covered. If I scrape up some bucks for that, I'll have literally nothing for a week, until my second job will pay me six hours worth of work, possibly nine, per week.

I am broke.

You know what one of the most important parts involving fashion? Consumption. Clothes don't often come free, or cheap. Budget blogging sucks, but you know what, I don't have the luxury to decide that $50 for a shirt is okay, or that even $30 for a shirt is okay. If I'm lucky I can reasonably spend $15 on a shirt, here and there. But what would also suck would to completely give up on blogging just because "I can't afford the expensive, flashy things."

This is going to be a budget blog, where eBay and thrift stores will be my staple sources once again; where I will probably be one step behind on the ~trends~ because all I can afford is the clearance section anywhere I go, online or off. I had the hopes that my tiny wallet was going to be a temporary thing, but my excess money outside of bills, whatever amount it may be, is going in my stomach, for school, and in the tea tin dedicated to the pool of money Kathryn and I have been collecting for our summertime wedding.

I look at other blogs and see that people have bills and livelihoods, lives outside of the time they spend on some website's checkout. I don't know their budgets, I don't know what their secrets are for affording anything, but I suppose I don't need to "know anything" except how to dress myself. That's all that fucking matters.

BONE BROKE is a lifestyle, one not eagerly embraced but one that I am by all means familiar with. I hate money and how highly it is valued, and how it can poison a person.

As tacky as it may appear, Mackelmore's Thrift Shop will probably be the banner will I carry out into the street when the time comes that I need to spend any cash on fashionable luxuries. You'll be seeing a lot of that, and PacSun garb -- because that employee discount is a beloved benefit for my service.

I'm going to leave the pre-title of OTG for a little while for everyone to catch up, and unfortunately websites like Lookbook and Chictopia don't -- to my knowledge -- offer username changes. I'll make it known when the new title will be officiated.

I still really love all of you people who haven't abandoned this blog just yet. Life's just nuts. Thank you. ♥

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  1. I remember when you were talking months ago about wanting to change your name, I'm glad you finally settled on something you like. :)

    And hey, it's not the end of the world to have to stop spending almost all of your payechecks on clothes every month - some of us have been living like that this entire time ;) so you'll be okay. I don't think anyone is judging you for not having the latest trends considering you usually shopped clearance or in "regular" stores that are behind~~~*~ the trends anyhow. You'll be fine, and you can find some great stuff in thrift stores and clearances.

    I love you and I'm really excited at the idea that you might start blogging again, it really seemed to be a passion for you.