Friday, July 6, 2012

91; For the Thrill of it

Top: • Skirt: • Necklace, earcuff, and boots: eBay • Bangle: Claire's • Vest: PacSun • Earrings: Little Sister Designs

WOW I'M ALIVE. (And check out my tat!) I have just been so...I'm not even sure. Enveloped in other things, spending my free time out of the house with people, taking up sleeping during waking hours. (My favourite activity by far.) I think I need people to like, text me once a week and assign me fashion blogging homework. I totally slacked. I'm not quite sure what happened. I sort of...stopped obsessing about this blog I think? But I've taken up secondary hobbies and need (and want) to learn how to juggle both, because I have a bad habit of monopolizing my time and attention on one single thing, instead of focusing on multiple things. Buying clothes is going to become a little more difficult in the future though, since now Kathryn has aquired a car and will need assistance paying for bills, and I hope to jump into cosmetology school sometime. Eek. School. We don't mix well.

Right, fashion blog. Fashion blog things. So, remember how I mentioned that I wear this shirt constantly? I am a fairly consistent girl in this case. I still live in this shirt. You can tell how often it gets washed, if you look at the grey fraying at the edges of the tears in the shirt. This thing is my soulmate.

Also, I never really noticed how prominent my pubic mound-bone-thing is until I wore this skirt -- hey what is TMI? -- which is kind of interesting. Is this like, the female equivilent to having bigger junk? Is it a good thing? Is it acceptable to say, "wow, this skirt really accentuates my pubic mound"? Whatever, I'll take what I can get, since I have the boobs (and overall height) of a twelve year old. Gotta compensate somehow.

I feel like a crappy fashion influence since I typically wait to buy pretty much anything until it's already on sale, and by time it's on the blog, it's dropped off the face of the internet. I got this skirt months ago! It really bums me out when I see someone rocking something awesome from say, Romwe, and when I go to look for it, it's gone. So here, if you guys like this skirt, maybe you'll like these alternatives:

Here's some song reference for ya:

These lyrics just break my heart, damn.


  1. OH MY GOD
    Ugh. I swear, the best thing about blogging isn't taking photos or friendships with people (sorry about this one to all the friends I've made through blogs, including you Kat), IT'S THE MUSIC YOU ALL INTRODUCE TO ME. I mean friendships too (duh), but even better than that is the music.

    Okay. Little freak out over. I love this outfit, that shirt, that skirt, YOUR HAIR. I just love you. And your writing.

    1. ISN'T THIS DUO THE BEST THING TO EVER BE. I have been obsessed for weeks now. Have you watched their video for We Are the People? My favourite, and the song has a secure place in like, my top ten favourite songs in existence. Without You is also beautiful and heartbreaking. There is just something strangely beautiful about these two men and this music. I just can't deal with how perfect it all is.

  2. Lol pubic mound, I swear I couldn't stop staring at it after you said that. Creepy? Most likely, but hey you pointed it out! I can see why this top is your fave, it's freaking awesome!

  3. Ahahahaha dude you're killing me in a really hilarious-and-awesome way. I appreciate this writing here so much. AND YOUR SKIRT IS SO COOL SEROIUSLY I'm way into shiny weird fabric like that right now.

  4. we are always running for the THRILL OF IT, THRILL OF IT, always pushing up the hill, searching for the THRILL OF IT, on and on and on we are calling out and out again, never looking down, i'm just in awe of what's in front of!

    haha, empire of the sun is awesome! one of the australian artists that I actually really like. That song you mentioned to Larissa, We Are The People? Man, I loove that song!!

    Anyway, outfit is awesome :) and that rainbow skirt you displayed is also equally awesome, too bad it would look shit on me :(

  5. OMG I love this outfit. I can't believe I have only just found your blog, it rocks. Defo following!

  6. Love! Totally inspired by your hurr


  7. love it. metallic, ripped shirt and leather damn grrl! rock on! xo